About the team

The children and young people's team are in charge of safeguarding children. It's done through through child in need and child protection plans. We also start and end the Public Law Outline process and care proceedings. We make plans for children with their best interests at the centre.

We're focused on helping development and progression. We believe that this provides the best outcomes for the children of Barnsley.

We're a close-knit and supportive team. We have diverse levels of experience. It varies from assessed and supported year in employment (ASYE) workers, to experienced, senior and advanced practitioners.

Reasons to join us

The varied levels of experience in our team really complement one another. ASYEs bring great new ideas to the team. Our experienced workers are committed to co-working and supporting others in their growth.

We help each another and have created a friendly atmosphere to work in. Our team morale is positive and something we focus a lot.

Feedback from our team members is that our managers are helpful and always available when needed.

Rebecca - social care team manager

Hear from our social workers

I love working with people, every day brings new learning and challenges. There's nothing as rewarding as seeing a family or young person thrive. The sense of pride and achievement is so fulfilling.

- Rebecca (social care team manager)