We asked our colleagues to talk about what it’s like to work here and how they make a real difference to people's lives in Barnsley. Watch their stories below to find out more about what it's like to work with us.

Atlanta - Communications and Marketing Officer

Atlanta’s helping to make Barnsley the place of possibilities. She loves getting out into the community, and being able to visit and make the most of our thriving town centre. As a first-time mum, Atlanta’s come back to work full-time, supported by her team and flexible working.

Brigette - Advanced Early Help Support Worker

With flexible working, Brigette will work hours that suit her, to support her own mental wellbeing. She loves working with families, and being able to help and support the residents she works with.

George - Assurance and Improvement Project Manager

For George, Barnsley is a great place to work, with it's close connections to plenty of other Yorkshire cities and towns. He loves the chances he gets to grow and develop that come with working at the council. It's a place where you can work, strive and progress.

John - Community Warden

In his role, John loves being able to be there for the community and going home at night thinking he’s really made a difference. For John, even though he doesn’t come from Barnsley, the borough will always be his home.

Joshua - HR Officer

When the opportunity to work on the DBS team came up, Josh dove straight into it. He loves working within a diverse team where everyone’s striving to make Barnsley the place of possibilities.

Luke - Trainee Technician

Luke started with us in a role to kick start his career, and loves the growth and development opportunities available. With a trainee programme that allows you to move from department to department, you can learn a range of skills and meet people you wouldn’t normally meet.

Matt - Assistant Service Manager

Matt’s role means that he’s making a difference in the borough. He loves that working here opens so many doors. He’s achieved a level seven qualification in strategic management, and employees in his team are undertaking apprenticeships too.

Orla - Cemetery and Crematorium Technician

When Orla wanted a change of career in the council, her managers helped her to apply for the role she’s in now. Orla loves her job, being able to help people in the borough, and working in a team that helps each other out.

Rachel - Victim and Witness Support Officer

Rachel likes to know that she’s making a difference in her role. For Rachel, not only is Barnsley an exciting place to be, but she also feels safe and supported.

Tom - Applications and Development Support Officer

Tom really values the career progression and learning opportunities in his role. He’s done a wealth of volunteering opportunities and helps to make a difference in the borough.