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About the Barnsley 2030 live, work and invest magazine

The Barnsley 2030 live, work and invest magazine showcases some great stories of people in Barnsley. We love hearing stories from Barnsley’s talented people about the passion they bring to work. Building skills, talent, and creativity within people of all ages opens up exciting prospects for our borough. We celebrate the lifelong learning that takes place. Its a good way to explore the opportunities that jobs and careers provide.

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Hear from some of the local people we've worked with...

Amy, Media and Marketing Manager at Barnsley FC Community Trust

"I want to grow the charity and make it a household name in Barnsley. We often say we're Barnsley's best-kept secret. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my job is creating case studies of the local people we help, Barnsley people. Hearing their backgrounds, how they got into a program, and how we've made a difference in their lives is truly heart-warming. Working in Barnsley isn't just a job, it's a chance to make a difference. We can be a part of a community that cares."

Amy Mills stood on football pitch
Peter stood in Norwood Perrin Opticians

Peter, Dispensing Optician at Norwood Perrin Opticians

"In my opinion, the most vital aspect of work is giving something back to the local community. This is always the guiding principle in our key decision making processes. Being a small independent, family-run company in our local town makes that work feel ever more valuable. It means a lot to us. I was born and raised in Barnsley myself, as were my parents. Giving a personal service to the people in our local community means everything."

Ashleigh, Charity worker at Alexandra Rose Charity

"Barnsley was chosen as the first project area outside of London due to its thriving market culture. The role is brilliant because I get to go out and see people. I chat with families and understand that this is helping their lives. I can see tangible results and deliver projects that help people in Barnsley’s local communities. I regularly visit and engage with families to discuss what works best and find out if extra support is required. Because of this, I find it really rewarding"

Ashleigh Hall at a market stall