Barnsley 2030

About Growing Barnsley

Barnsley is open for business, with our central location, and great links to major road networks. We also have digital connectivity and an attractive local offer.

There’s a chance for massive growth, and our Local Plan will nurture commercial development. This will attract more high-quality jobs to boost our economy.

Our borough is a great place to invest; a place where businesses and customers support an economy that benefits everyone. It helps to build start-ups and grow local businesses.

It’s an inclusive place where people can find suitable employment. They can live in a high-quality home that's right for them, and access the fast digital resources they need.

Engineer at Utility Consultancy and Engineering Ltd
Matrix Consulting Engineers

Our ambitions

  • Local businesses are thriving through early-stage support and the chance to grow.

  • Barnsley is known as a great place to invest. It's a place where businesses provide diverse and secure employment. They can add to an economy that benefits everyone.

  • People have a wider choice of quality, affordable and sustainable housing, to suit their needs and lifestyle.

  • People, businesses and organisations are able to access and use digital resources, benefiting all aspects of daily life.

Hear from our communities

Barnsley 2030 is all about the possibilities Barnsley offers and celebrating and championing youThis includes the people of our borough and the contribution of our diverse communities.

We've got lots of Growing Barnsley stories that share our vision and show the impact it’s had on people’s lives. You can also share your story with us.

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Chris at Barnsley Market

How we'll achieve our ambitions together...

Barnsley 2030 Board commitments

  • Use local assets to attract major businesses, employment sites and developments.

  • Help to support plans to enhance the borough’s infrastructure.

  • Promote Barnsley as a place to start, grow and relocate businesses.

  • Increasing the supply and range of attractive and affordable housing.

  • Drive digital connectivity plans forward for the borough.

  • Grow connections with other places to share ideas and to raise our profile regionally and nationally.

  • Work together to make sure that businesses are supported. We're joining up the networks that give advice to people looking to set up their own business.

What businesses and organisations can do

  • Promote the benefits of doing business in Barnsley.

  • Access training, financial support and mentors.

  • Use innovative solutions to drive business forward.

  • Manage and build housing to meet people’s needs.

  • Make the most of digital opportunities to connect with customers.

  • Provide clear routes for employment and development opportunities.

What residents and communities can do

  • Shop local and use local businesses.

  • Explore opportunities to find employment that’s right for you.

  • Build your career in Barnsley.

  • Work with us to shape our growth plans.

  • Help to promote Barnsley as a place that's open for business.

  • Make Barnsley your place to call home.

  • Take advantage of high-speed broadband offers.

  • Make the most of the support available to improve your digital skills.