Barnsley 2030

You make Barnsley special

It’s the good people of Barnsley that make our borough special.

Barnsley 2030 is about celebrating and championing you. This includes the people of our borough and the contribution of our diverse communities.

We've got lots of stories that share our vision and show the impact it’s had on people’s lives. We hope they inspire you to believe in the potential that Barnsley has to offer.

Share your own story with us

Our Futures Now - stories that bring our vision to life

The Our Futures Now book is a collection of stories. It brings our vision 'Barnsley - the place of possibilities' to life.

It contains stories based on the resilience shown during the pandemic. It also contains fictional and very personal narratives. Each story looks at the future of our borough with ambition and optimism.

You can download Our Futures Now. You can also read a physical copy in Barnsley's libraries. You can also listen to an audio version of the book. They'll be narrated by the authors.