Waste contracts

Councils must publish details of their existing waste collection contracts as a one-off disclosure.

For each contract, the following details must be published:

  • reference number
  • title of agreement
  • description of the goods and/or services sought
  • start, end and review dates
  • council department responsible
  • supplier name & details
  • sum to be paid over the length of the contract or the estimated annual spending or budget for the contract
  • VAT that cannot be recovered
  • whether or not the contract was the result of an invitation to quote or a published invitation to tender 
  • whether or not the supplier is a small or medium sized enterprise and/or a voluntary or community sector organisation and where it is, provide the relevant registration number.

These are the details of our waste collection contracts as at 31 December 2014.

Please note: all amounts are net of VAT unless stated otherwise.