Draft supplementary planning documents (SPD) consultation

This consultation has now closed.

The Local Plan (adopted on 3 January 2019) contains policies to be considered when looking at planning applications. Supplementary planning documents (SPDs) contain further advice and explain how these policies will be applied.

A number of SPDs were adopted following the adoption of the Local Plan. These include:

We recently asked for your views on updates to these documents. The consultation has now closed. Comments received will be considered when drafting the final versions. We'll produce and publish a document summarising the comments made.

You can read a summary of the proposed changes and the documents that were consulted on below.

Summary of proposed changes

Biodiversity and geodiversity SPD

The proposed changes are summarised in the table below. They include updates which cover new guidance from the Environment Act. This is to achieve a minimum 10% biodiversity net gain from developments. Once adopted, the updated SPD will supersede the version adopted in 2019.

The draft updated Biodiversity and Geodiversity SPD contains some helpful information that will provide clarity for service users.

Section Proposed changes
2. Introduction New introduction to provide clarity on the purpose and scope of the SPD. Part of the existing text is moved to new section 4 Biodiversity and Geodiversity in Barnsley.
3. Local priorities New section
4. Biodiversity and geodiversity in Barnsley Includes updated and expanded text previously included in the introduction of the existing SPD. Also references the recently designated (January 2022) Dearne Valley Wetlands SSSI.
5. Legislation, policies and strategies 

The ‘policy’ section of the current SPD has broken down into two new sections as follows.

  • Section 5. Legislation, policies and strategies; and
  • Section 6. Biodiversity net gain.
6. Biodiversity net gain Includes updates that require the biodiversity value of a development to exceed the pre development biodiversity value of a site. This must be by a minimum of 10%. Adds reference to the emerging Local Nature Recovery Strategy, green infrastructure, and nature based solutions.
7. Integrating biodiversity into developments in Barnsley New section
8. Information required to support an application Replaces the existing section '4. Guidance. chapter of the current SPD. This provides clarity on the information relevant to biodiversity and geodiversity that is required to support a panning application.
9. Further Information Updated to provide current links to further information.
Appendix B Proposed to be deleted
Appendix C Proposed to be deleted
Appendix D Appendix B National Planning Policy Framework (2018). Sections of relevance to biodiversity and geodiversity New appendix which will become Appendix B when the updated document is adopted. Existing Appendices B and C are proposed to be deleted.

House extensions and other domestic alterations SPD

Minor alterations are proposed to give clarity on some issues that have arisen as the SPD has been used. Updates have been made to the following sections. 

  • 7. Layout principles
  • 8. Detailed guidance on types of extensions

These changes will make the Council’s position in respect of overshadowing and size of outbuildings and annexes clearer. Once adopted, the updated SPD will supersede the version adopted in 2019.

Financial contributions for educational provision SPD (previously called financial contributions to schools) 

Proposed updates are summarised in the table below. Once adopted, the updated SPD will supersede the version adopted in 2019.

Section Proposed changes

Amend title from 'financial contribution to schools' to 'financial contributions for educational provision'.

To reflect the changes to the document and making clear the scope for financial contributions.

2. Introduction Added text to clarify the scope of potential impacts of development on educational provision. This includes early years and SEND, and the policy context.
3. When a financial contribution will be needed Added text to provide clarity on the scope of educational provision that will be taken into account when looking at the need for a contribution. To include reference to early years and SEND provision. Clarify that ‘available capacity’ refers to available and related spaces within educational settings.
4. Number of pupils generated The number of pupils a development will bring has been updated to reflect the latest available evidence. This has been arrived at using the school census 2023. We've also looked at the actual number of pupils that have arisen from a reflective selection of major developments across the borough.
5. Early years and SEND provision New section added. This will clarify and explain the process for deciding when financial contributions to educational provision will be spent on early years and/or SEND provision.
6. When a financial contribution will not be needed Deletion of repeated text typo in existing document.
7. How the amount of financial contribution will be calculated

Updated to reflect the latest Local Authority Scorecard as a basis of pupil cost per place. This is in line with Government guidance.

Updated to clarify the starting point for assessing if contributions are required to address issues with conditions of schools.

8. How and when the financial contribution will be secured Added text for clarity.
9. How and when the financial contribution will be spent Added text for clarity on potential scope of spend for financial contributions to include early years and SEND provision.
10. How we determine if a school is local to the development

Updated to reflect the new primary school planning areas as approved by the Department for Education.

Contact email address provided for people to confirm planning areas. This is for development sites falling outside Urban Barnsley and the Principal Towns as defined in the adopted Local Plan (2019).

Appendix 1 Removed from the SPD. It isn't  relevant to the calculation of financial contributions or to the policy being actioned. It had been provided earlier for information only. Further information can be requested from the email address given in section 10.

Read the consultation documents

The revised documents below contain the SPD with the proposed changes shown. Any deleted text is struck through in black and text that has been added is shown in red and underlined.

A paper copy of the documents are available at Library @ the Lightbox, 1 The Glass Works, Barnsley, S70 1GW. They are also available at all branch libraries during their normal opening hours.

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