Local Plan research and evidence documents

Research and evidence is an important part of local planning. 

Annual monitoring reports

These reports look at how much development is taking place in Barnsley and the impact of it. They also set out how we're performing against targets, some of which are set by Government.

Council strategies and best practice documents

Report Description
Barnsley's Green Space Strategy      This was updated in 2016 and sets out our overall strategy for green space and the standards we want to achieve. 
Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan Our first Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) for the borough in 2002. This was in partnership with Barnsley Biodiversity Trust. The BAP was reviewed and reissued by the Barnsley Biodiversity Trust (2009).
South Yorkshire Residential Design Guide This has been adopted as a best practice guide for South Yorkshire councils on well designed and sustainable housing developments of more than 10 units. We use it to help appraise the quality of new housing proposals. It provides both urban and highway design guidance (including technical standards) for applicants, agents, developers and designers. 
Barnsley Building Heights Study We've adopted this study and the strategy it puts forward as council policy for development in Barnsley town centre. It provides guidance on the appropriate height for developments and indicates where taller development will be appropriate. It also provides design criteria for controlling the quality, height and massing of taller developments.
Public Realm Strategy The Barnsley Town Centre Public Spaces Strategy has been adopted to guide the design, development and enhancement of public spaces in the town centre. The strategy provides clear guidance and context for public spaces development and improvement and highlights key opportunities for public spaces investment. The strategy includes a palette of surface materials and street furniture and design briefs for priority and gateway sites. You can see copies of the documents in the Central Library on Wellington Street, or by contacting us.

Employment reports

Report Supporting documents
Employment Land Review 2010 Document 1
Document 2
Employment Development 2003/4  
Employment Development 2002/2003  
The Future of the Dearne Economy 2004 Dearne Economy Report Annex 1 Supply Side data 
Dearne Economy Report Annex 2 Demand Side data 

 Housing reports

 Report  Supporting documents
Barnsley Affordable Housing Viability Study Final Report (August 2010)  
Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment This  provides information on the land available to meet housing requirements in Barnsley. 

Housing Five Year Supply Note 2014/15-2018/19

Appendix 2 Schedule of Sites Included in 5 year supply
Appendix 3 5 year supply summary table

Housing Five Year Supply Note 2012/13 - 2016/17 Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4
Housing Five Year Supply Note 2011/2016 Full Site Schedule

  Summary by Site Size and UDP Community Area
Summary by Site Size and Core Strategy Settlement
Full Site List by UDP Community Area
Full Site List by Core Strategy Settlement

Housing Five Year Supply Note 2009/2014  
Housing Development 2003/2004   
Housing Development 2002/2003  
Housing Five Year Supply Note 2017/2022 Appendices 3 to 7 Site Schedules
Housing five year supply note 2020/2025 Appendix 1: Housing trajectory
Gypsy and traveller 5 year supply note 2020  

 Flood risk

Report Supporting documents
Barnsley Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
Level 1 Report (Sept 2010)
General Maps
Proposed Development Sites and Flood Zone Maps 
Proposed Development Sites and IDB Boundaries Maps 
Surface Water Flooding Maps 
1:100 Year Fluvial Flood Extent and Depth Maps 
1:1000 Year Fluvial Flood Extent and Depth Maps
Climate Change Maps 
Appendix C: Barnsley Assessment Tables 

Town centre and retail 

These reports provide an analysis of capacity in the town centre, the shopping areas, the boundaries of the town centre and the catchment area. 

Report Supporting documents      
Town Centre Retail Study
July 2014 – Final Report

Retail Impact Analysis of Potential
Superstore Developments in Barnsley (May 2011)
Barnsley Town Centre
Retail Capacity Update (March 2011)
Retail Analysis and Health Check of
Barnsley Town Centre 2007 Summary Report
Household Survey TabulationsRetail Capacity Tables
Barnsley Retail and Leisure Study
(October 2003)
Hotel Study 2004  

 District and local centres

Report Supporting documents                                        
Smaller Centres Study Addendum
Report (May 2011)
Smaller Centres Study
Volume 1: Main Report (November 2010)