Supplementary planning documents

Please note that following the adoption of the Local Plan on 3 January 2019, we are currently consulting on Draft Supplementary Planning Documents, Planning Advice Notes and updated Local Validation Requirements.  You can view, download and comment on the SPD’s/PAN’s and the local validation requirements using the Council’s online consultation system

Supplementary planning documents contain advice for people applying for planning permission. 

They help us to make decisions on applications and are used alongside the Core Strategy.

Following the advice in them leads to a smoother planning process and a good quality development at the end of it. Read more about the planning process here.


Guidance included

Hot food take-aways explains the main issues that are likely to apply to a planning application for a hot food take-away and includes exclusion zones around schools where new take-aways won't be allowed.
Barn conversions offers design guidance to anyone seeking to convert a farm building to residential or other use.
Trees and hedgerows offers guidance on how to deal with existing trees and hedgerows on development sites.
Shop front design offers guidance to anyone seeking to alter a shopfront.
Advertisements offers guidance to anyone seeking to display an outdoor advertisement.
House extensions offers guidance to anyone seeking to extend their house.
Residential amenity and the siting of buildings sets out the design principles that will apply to applications for non residential buildings in proximity to existing residential properties.
Designing new housing development sets out the design principles that will apply to new housing development, including infill and backland development.
Open space provision on new housing developments provides guidance on what will be expected in terms of open space provision for new residential developments.
Parking sets out the parking standards that we'll apply to all new development.


Supplementary planning guidance and planning advice notes:

These all relate to saved Unitary Development Plan policies or national policy.

Supplementary planning guidance (SPGs)

Cover particular types of development or development issues:

Planning Advice Notes (PANs)

Update the Unitary Development Plan where national planning policy has changed:

Please note that the Sustainable Location of Housing Sites (PAN30) was revoked by Barnsley’s Full Council on 2nd February 2017. Approval was given to the use of a simplified and updated planning tool that will assist in the consideration of relevant planning applications. This is likely to be incorporated into the current planning application validation checklist.

Planning briefs

Provide guidance for specific sites:

Local development orders

These are made by local planning authorities and give a grant of planning permission to specific types of development within a defined area: