Supplementary planning documents

Following the adoption of the Local Plan on 3 January 2019 we've produced new and updated Supplementary Planning Documents. 

We are currently consulting on a further set of Supplementary Planning Documents and Planning Advice Notes.  We are also asking for people’s views on the draft Cawthorne Conservation Area Appraisal, its Management Plan and an extension to the area.  The consultation period runs from Monday 16 September 2019 to Monday 14 October 2019.  You can view, download and comment on the documents using our online consultation system.

Supplementary planning documents contain advice for people applying for planning permission. They help us to make decisions on applications and are used alongside the Local Plan.

Following the advice in them leads to a smoother planning process and a good quality development at the end of it. Read more about the planning process.

On 23 May 2019 we adopted the following documents.


Guidance included

Financial contributions for schools Advises on the requirements for financial contributions towards the provision of school places. Also seeks contributions towards improving the condition of schools where appropriate.
Barn conversions Offers design guidance to anyone seeking to convert a farm building to residential or other use.
Trees and hedgerows Offers guidance on how to deal with existing trees and hedgerows on development sites.
Shop front designs Offers guidance to anyone seeking to alter a shopfront.
Advertisements Offers guidance to anyone seeking to display an outdoor advertisement.
House extensions and other domestic alterations Offers guidance to anyone seeking to extend or alter their house.
Residential amenity and the siting of buildings Sets out the design principles that will apply to applications for non residential buildings in proximity to existing residential properties.
Design of housing development Sets out the design principles that will apply to new housing development, including infill and back land development. It also provides advice on conversions to dwellings from other uses and gives guidance on houses in multiple occupation (HMO).
Open space provision on new housing developments Provides guidance on what will be expected in terms of open space provision for new residential developments.
Removal of agricultural occupancy conditions Offers guidance on the information required to support a planning application seeking removal of agricultural occupancy conditions.
Mortar mixes for pointing historic buildings Offers guidance on methods and mixes for pointing historic buildings.
Hot food takeaways Explains the main issues that are likely to apply to a planning application for a hot food takeaway. 
Hot food takeaways planning advice note Explains and includes exclusion zones around schools where new takeaways won't be allowed.
Walls and fences Provides guidance on the planning requirements for walls and fences.
Lawful development certificates Offers guidance to anyone considering applying for a lawful development certificate.
Affordable housing Provides advice on when contributions will be sought for affordable housing and how they will be calculated. Provides guidance on other issues such as the type and tenure of affordable housing that will be sought, off-site provision, etc.
Heritage impact statements Provides advice on heritage impact assessments and sets out the requirements for the information that needs to be submitted.
Biodiversity and geodiversity Sets out how Local Plan policy BIO1 and GI1 on green infrastructure will be applied. It also provides further specific detail about the Dearne Valley Nature Improvement Area.

You can read the adoption statement, consultation statement and the consultation draft see cabinet agenda item 204, appendix 2.

Further Supplementary Planning Documents will be prepared in due course. The following SPD provides guidance in the interim, until it is revised later this year.​

Title Guidance included
Parking  Sets out the parking standards that we'll apply to all new development.

Local development orders

These are made by local planning authorities and give a grant of planning permission to specific types of development within a defined area: