Town Centre Urban Design and Sustainability Strategy by Urbed

On 28 July full council adopted the Town Centre Urban Design and Sustainability Strategy.

This strategy will be used in future planning decisions in Barnsley Town Centre. It will strongly influence future town centre projects and initiatives.

Why do we have the strategy? 

Work began on the strategy in December 2019 and its purpose is to:

  • Find out how we can move the town centre towards being zero carbon by 2045.
  • Look at urban design issues and opportunities throughout the town centre.
  • Make sure we create a fully inclusive town centre.
  • Update the 2016 Regeneration Plan by Arup
  • Think about post Covid recovery actions

The main strategy document looks at potential projects and actions which will be included in the yearly revision of the Town Centre Action Plan 2021-2025. 

The themes are:

Retail; Culture; Skills/ Employment; Housing; Greenspace; and Connections. Each theme has a strategy and a number of proposed interventions, and some opportunity areas are suggested.

The main strategy document is accompanied by:

Using your feedback

Consultation took place during July, August and September 2021 and a wide range of Town Centre stakeholders were involved.  These included Town Centre businesses, Market Traders and Equality Forums. We received 108 replies to the questionnaire and important feedback on a range of issues.  This feedback was used to produce the final report.

You can read the report on consultation.