Local Plan research and evidence documents

Research and evidence is an important part of local planning.

Annual monitoring report

The annual monitoring report looks at how much development is taking place in Barnsley and the impact of it. It also set out how we're performing against targets, some of which are set by government.

Annual Infrastructure Funding Statement

The Annual Infrastructure Funding Statement sets out Section 106 activity in the monitoring period, including Section 106 contributions paid to the Council, projects delivered in the Borough and Section 106 contributions secured for future years.

Council strategies and best practice documents

  • Barnsley's Green Space Strategy
    This was updated in 2016 and sets out our overall strategy for green space and the standards we want to achieve.

  • Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan
    Our first Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) for the borough in 2002. This was in partnership with Barnsley Biodiversity Trust. The BAP was reviewed and reissued by the Barnsley Biodiversity Trust (2009).

  • South Yorkshire Residential Design Guide
    This has been adopted as a best practice guide for South Yorkshire councils on well designed and sustainable housing developments of more than 10 units. We use it to help appraise the quality of new housing proposals. It provides both urban and highway design guidance (including technical standards) for applicants, agents, developers and designers. 

Employment report

Housing reports

Flood risk

Town centre and retail 

These reports provide an analysis of capacity in the town centre, the shopping areas, the boundaries of the town centre and the catchment area. 

District and local centres

Other documents