Dropped kerbs

If you intend to drive a vehicle over the pavement into your driveway off a road, you should have a dropped kerb. If you don’t, and you drive over the pavement, you’re breaking the law. 

If you want to drop a kerb

If you want to drop a kerb to make it easier for vehicles to access your home or business, you need a licence. Dropping the kerb without a licence is an offence. If we find that you've done this, we'll issue a licence at a cost of £264 (this includes a £88 charge for administration). We may also take legal action.

If you don’t own your home or the land it’s on, you should contact the owner about your plans to install a dropped kerb before going any further.

Apply for permission to drop a kerb

Download and fill in our application form to apply to drop a kerb:

If you live on a classified road, please make sure you have the necessary planning permission before filling in the form.

Your licence will be sent once your application has been processed.

If you're unable to fill in the application form please call us on (01226) 773555.

Who can do the work

We can install a dropped kerb for you, or you can use your own contractor, providing they’re properly licensed to do the work.

If we do the work, we’ll discuss your needs and let you know how much it will cost.

If you employ a contractor, you’ll need to pay for two highway inspections, and your contractor will be responsible for any third party insurance claims made as a result of works on the highway. We need to see proof of their public liability insurance cover to the value of £10m before they start any work.