Parking fines and enforcement

We enforce parking restrictions on our public roads and car parks to improve road safety, keep traffic flowing freely, and make sure people are using our car parks properly.

Parking on single and double yellow lines

  • Double yellow lines – no parking at any time of the day or night.
  • Double yellow small lines across the edge of the kerb – no loading at any time
  • Single yellow lines – restricted parking as indicated on the road sign
  • Single yellow small lines across the edge of the kerb – restricted loading as indicated on the road sign

Penalty charge notices

If you don’t park legally and safely, we can issue you a penalty charge of £50 or £70, depending on the severity of the contravention.

Contraventions include, but are not limited to parking:

  • on double/single yellow lines
  • in loading bays when loading/unloading is not taking place
  • in disabled bays without displaying a valid blue badge
  • in a pay and display bay without displaying a ticket
  • in a pedestrian zone
  • in a residents’ parking zone without a required permit
  • where the kerb has been lowered to help pedestrians to cross the road.

Notice to owner

If you’re the registered owner and you don’t pay or challenge your penalty charge notice, we’ll send you a  'notice to owner' through the post.

You can challenge a ‘notice to owner’ on the actual document you receive.

If you don’t respond to the ‘notice to owner’, we’ll send you a 'charge certificate'. If you don’t  respond to this, we’ll register the debt with the Traffic Enforcement Centre in Northampton. Failure to pay the debt can result in action being taken by the council's debt enforcement agents.

You can find more information about parking regulations in The Highway Code.

Number plate recognition vehicle

You’ll receive a £70 fixed penalty charge notice through the post if you’re caught contravening parking restrictions on camera by our high-tech number plate recognition vehicle.

The vehicle responds to information from the public, councillors and schools about motorists who park where they shouldn't. It patrols the no stopping restrictions around schools and bus stops. These are areas where road markings and signage is present to help drivers avoid parking in breach of restrictions.

You can challenge a charge notice on the actual document you receive.

Pay your parking fine

The registered keeper or owner of a vehicle or its hirer is the person responsible for paying the penalty, regardless of whether that person was the driver or not.

To get a 50% reduction, you need to pay a penalty charge notice within 14 days of issue (21 days for a postal notice).

Pay your parking fine online now.