A635 Goldthorpe Bypass closure

Why is the Lockwood Lane underpass closed?

The Lockwood Lane underpass has been closed due to a car being deliberately set on fire on 1 July 2023. This has resulted in significant structural damage to mainly the subway roof. The closure was implemented to ensure public safety while the damage is assessed. The risk is that the subway could collapse with the loading of the traffic on the A635 Dearne Valley Parkway. We'll keep the public informed about any updates. 

Lockwood Lane underpass

Temporary reopening of Goldthorpe Bypass

There's still work to be done to reopen Goldthorpe bypass and complete all the safety works required.

Our contractor has been carrying out extensive work on the bypass. This included cutting the subways roof slab in half to physically separate the most damaged side of the structure from the less damaged part. This has taken a lot of planning and preparation to facilitate these works and make sure they're carried out in a safe environment. Following this work, we're now working with our contractor to plan the final phase of the work.

While we work on our next phase of the work, we've taken the decision to temporarily reopen part of the bypass. Traffic management will be in place. The bypass will need to close again once work to demolish and rebuild the most damaged side begins.

Despite our ongoing efforts to reopen the bypass and repair the subway roof as quickly as possible, we have continued to see significant vandalism in the area. We’d like to remind everyone that vandalism isn't tolerated in our borough, and this vandalism is only delaying our works even further.

How long will it take to repair the bypass?

Following extensive damage to the subway roof, our contractors have been on site to look at what work is needed to safely repair the road.

Concrete On Bypass

Working with our contractor, we've completed a design for the works and are now working on a programme of works. It is expected the bypass will need to close for up to eight weeks to allow the work to be completed. 

Collage Of Works On The Bypass

Extra fencing was installed to prevent continued vandalism and allow our contractors to carry out the work safely.

What measures are being taken to secure the underpass during the closure?

To secure the underpass and prevent unauthorised access, permanent fencing had now been installed at both entrances of the Lockwood Lane subway.

Will the subway remain closed?

The subway will remain closed until it’s safe to be reopened.

Access is not available for the public, including pedestrians and cyclists. For their safety, we urge everyone to avoid attempting to access the closed area and to use alternative routes during this time.

When will the bypass close for the next phase of the works to begin?

We're working with our contractor to plan out the next phase of the work on the bypass. Once completed, a full closure will be required again, and the diversions routes will be put back in place.

We're working with our contractor to plan the next phase of the works. It is expected the bypass will need to close for up to eight weeks to allow the work to be completed.

Will the same diversion be in place when the bypass is closed again?

Once the bypass closes again for the final phase of the work, the previous diversion route will be put in place.

The traffic heading towards Doncaster will be diverted onto Barrowfield Road and Lidget Lane. The traffic heading towards Barnsley will be diverted onto Doncaster Road and Barnsley Road through Goldthorpe town centre.

Map of Dearne Valley Parkway Goldthorpe road closure

Dearne Valley Parkway road closure

  • Red Line - road closed
  • Green line - new diversion route for Barnsley-bound traffic
  • Purple line - new diversion route for Doncaster-bound traffic

If you need more details about this map then please call us on (01226) 773555.

How will updates be communicated to local residents?

We’ll continue to update this webpage as work progresses. Regular updates will also be posted on our Facebook page and other social media channels. 

How can you seek additional information?

We understand that this closure may raise concerns among local residents and visitors. We'll update this page as our work progresses. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time. Your safety remains our top priority, and we're committed to resolving the situation as swiftly as possible.

How can you help?

The delays to opening the road are a consequence of the constant vandalism to the security measures on site. If you have any information about the incident itself or the recent vandalism of the Lockwood Road subway, please contact safer@barnsley.gov.uk. You can also help by not attempting to enter the subway or the area around it.