Apply to close a road

Temporary road closures

Where necessary, we can temporarily close a road to traffic. This can be to allow road maintenance, bridge repairs, or essential works to take place. For example when utility companies need to lay new gas, water, electricity or phone services.

We can also close a road for events such as street parties, village fetes, or Christmas markets. Please see our permission for demonstrations and parades if you're organising this kind of event.

You can ask us to close a road, by applying for a legal order. Before you do, these are things you need to consider:

  • Could you use temporary traffic signals instead of closing the road?
  • Have you consulted all residents, businesses, schools, parish councils, bus operators and statutory undertakers?
  • Have you contacted a traffic management contractor for signs and barriers? These are to warn road users of the closure and give diversions.

Charges for closing a road

There is a charge of £1288 for closing a road. We’ll invoice you for this amount, which you can pay by debit or credit card.

Apply to temporarily close a road

For emergency closures, please call us for more information.

For routine closures, download and fill in our application form

You need to do this at least six weeks before the start date of the closure. This gives us time to issue the order and publish statutory notices on our website and in the Barnsley Chronicle. This is to let people know about the closure.

We'll try to action your request in time for the closure to begin on the date you asked for.

Permanent road closures

We have a number of statutory powers and responsibilities relating to:

  • public roads
  • streets
  • footpaths
  • some public car parks
  • grass verges and pavements. 

We can apply to the Magistrates Court for an order to permanently close (stop up) part of the public highway. This is if it’s no longer needed for public use (under Section 116 of the Highways Act 1980).

Some roads, streets or footpaths are privately owned or maintained. We don’t have the powers to stop up or maintain them. 

Closing part of the highway for development

We can also close part of a road permanently to allow development to take place. This is providing that the developer has, or may receive, planning permission. (You can find this under Sections 247 or 257 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990).

If you want to close part of a road for development contact the National Transport Casework Team. They can give you further information, guidance and application forms.