H markings

We use H markings as a visual deterrent to mark out areas that should be kept clear of parked vehicles. This includes your own vehicle or that of any visitors to your property.

You can only apply for an H marking if:

  • your property already has a properly constructed vehicle access kerb, and
  • there are no other waiting restrictions in place. 

H markings are usually only as wide as the dropped kerb.

Ask for an H marking

Contact us if you want to ask for an H marking and we'll send you the information you need.

Charges for H markings

You can ask us to do the work or find an accredited private contractor yourself.

Our charges are included below. Payment is by cheque only, made payable to Barnsley MBC and sent with your application.

Item Amount
Application fee £20 (non refundable)
Site inspection £50
Design and lining works (undertaken by engineering services) £190
Total costs £260