We provide litter bins in public places and maintain our streets by cleaning them regularly to avoid a build-up of litter.  We also organise clean-up campaigns with community groups and work with schools to make children aware of the problems caused by littering.

We have different schedules for cleaning litter, emptying litter bins and road sweeping, depending on where it is:

  • town centres are cleaned daily
  • main roads every two weeks
  • B-roads every four weeks
  • minor roads every eight weeks

Please note, we only do additional cleaning to remove fallen leaves in November and December.


Our enforcement officers can issue fixed penalty notice fines of £75 to people who deliberately drop litter.  If you're fined and don't pay you may be prosecuted through court, and this can lead to a fine of up to £2500.

Children and young people who drop litter can take part in a supervised two litter pick if they're caught littering, but we can fine anyone over the age of 11 and refer them to youth court if the fine isn't paid.   

Report litter 

You can use this form to report a build-up of litter that needs cleaning.

Before you begin

Please use our other forms below if you're reporting:

Please tell us the name of the road, street or area where the problem is.

If you know who's responsible for the litter please tell us.

You don't have to provide your name and contact details, but it would help if we need more information from you.

What happens next

When we receive your form we'll look into the problem and clean the area if necessary.

We can also arrange to send enforcement officers to problem areas. They can issue fixed penalty notices to people who drop litter.