Fly tipping

Dumping your rubbish or unwanted items in the street or on open land – fly tipping – is illegal. 

If you need to get rid of a large item, we can remove it for a small charge. All you need to do is apply for a bulky item collection.

Report fly tipping

You can use our online form below to tell us if you see anyone fly tipping.  This includes electrical items, mattresses, furniture, or any other rubbish that you'd normally put in your grey bin.

Before you begin

If you know the person tipping the waste, you don't need to fill in the form; just email

If you don't, please fill in our online form so that we can deal with your report quickly. You should include the following information:

  • the exact location, like street name, nearest house number, street light number, landmark, shop or road junction
  • what's been tipped, how many bags, whether it could be a danger to people or animals
  • the date you first noticed it

What happens next

When we receive a report about fly tipping, we’ll arrange to have the rubbish removed within seven working days. 

It could take more than seven days if hazardous waste is involved. For example, we'd have to get specialist contractors to remove things like asbestos or chemical substances.

If the tipping is on private land, the land owner is responsible for removing it. We'll contact them within three working days to tell them it needs removing.

If you've given us your contact details, we'll update you on the situation within five working days.

If you're the landowner but you can't remove the fly tipping, we can remove it for you. We'll invoice you for the cost of doing this.

If we can prove who carried out the fly tipping, we can prosecute them. We'll begin investigations within two working days.