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Barnsley Schools Catering is a locally-based in-house catering service. We have an excellent track record of providing a range of catering services to Barnsley schools.


Our vision and values

Our vision

To support every child to achieve their potential through healthy food choices.

Our values 

  • We’re trustworthy. We do what we say we will do, with excellence. We're committed to providing healthy choices that uphold standards of nutrition, product sources, product quality and hygiene.
  • We’re creative. We understand that children learn in creative environments. We design new ways to engage with children. We present new dishes, menus and foods in a way that generates excitement.
  • We’re evolving. We know that our world is ever changing, so we adapt alongside it. We're always growing as a business, making our service as efficient as possible through the introduction of new systems and processes. These keep schools, parents, and pupils at the centre of everything we do.
  • We’re invested. We're invested in our children and community, for the long haul. We recognise that change takes time. We're committed to supporting our local economy, public health systems and schools to build a better, more sustainable, Barnsley.

What our clients say

  • The catering team for my school is always really helpful and supportive. This has allowed an open and productive relationship to develop. They consult and discuss any catering issues, as well as reflect on their service and how it can be enhanced.
    School chair of governors
  • Our pupils and staff are highly delighted with the catering service. They take a pro-active approach that gives us choice and quality of food. The menu items are excellent. They're not only made from fresh ingredients each day, but also from local suppliers. Even the meat is from Yorkshire farms and farm assured. We look forward to our continuing use of their service.
    Barnsley school headteacher
  • We all get different things to eat everyday. On the jacket potatoes there are lots of different options to choose. We can go to the salad bar even if we have a cooked dinner. It's really healthy.
    Barnsley pupils
  • They're more than a catering service. They've become an integral partner to the school. They're also happy to support and develop links with the curriculum. This could be through theme day menus, healthy eating workshops, or fun sessions on hand hygiene.
    Barnsley school headteacher
  • They give you sandwiches you like, not the boring ones. The dinner ladies help cut things up if you need help. The dinners are really nice and tasty. It's smashing because the dinner ladies make it really well. The dinners are nice because they are all juicy. I really like the fish and chips and Yorkshire puddings - they taste lovely.
    Barnsley pupils
  • Under the service’s guidance, our head of kitchen and her team work hard to give the children and staff an enjoyable, hassle-free lunchtime. The meals are of a high standard, with a good variety of choice. I welcome the buffets the service provides for our meetings and events.
    Barnsley school
  • The service offer celebration and theme days to give pupils the opportunity to sample foods from around the world. This encourages them to try new foods, as well as teaching them about healthy, balanced diets. We also use the service to provide buffets for staff training sessions and governing body meetings.
    Barnsley academy