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Our menus


What's on offer

Our menus are built around regular feedback, as well as current service data and trends. We then combine popular foods with new and exciting tastes. We always try to use seasonal and local ingredients. We design our menu around hearty choices in the colder months and fresh favourites in the summer.

  • Three week menu format to give a greater choice.
  • Three options a day so there is something for every pupil.
  • Dishes cooked from scratch daily with no premade or processed sauces.
  • Seasonal produce to reduce food miles.
  • A meat-free day every week.
  • New vegetarian options to increase variety and encourage pupils to eat plant-based foods.
  • New recipes tested on existing pupils before being included in our menus.

See our sample menu.


Healthy Eating

Healthy children need balance. That’s why we use the Eatwell Guide to design our meals and our menus. We include a balance of foods from all the key food groups.

  • At least two of their five a day in every meal.
  • Low in sugar, salt, and fat.
  • No sweeteners or additives.
  • As many vegetables as they want.
  • Fruit and bread offered daily.
  • Our kitchen teams put on regular colourful fruit and vegetable displays. This is to help pupils to ‘eat a rainbow’.
  • We run regular healthy eating campaigns. This offers pupils creative new ways to enjoy fruits and vegetables.