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Investment in the local community


We invest in our local area. In its economy and environment as well as its social and ethical aspects. We put people and our planet before profit. We seek to boost public health in our borough and build a brighter future for our children.


  • We support local businesses and source our food locally where possible.
  • We employ local people, keeping spending within the borough.
  • We ask our partner schools to use local services. We promote the benefits of doing business in Barnsley.
  • We reinvest in services that support children to make healthy choices. Things such as cookery and nutrition classes and healthy eating campaigns.


  • We promote healthy food choices to improve pupils focus in school.
  • We provide full training for our staff.
  • We work closely with the council’s public health and children’s services to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • We give children the tools to make healthy choices and prepare nutritious meals.


  • We've pledged to reduce food waste.
  • We reduce our carbon footprint by employing locally to help our workforce to walk to work.
  • We use electric vehicles to support our projects to reduce emissions.
  • We reduce meat intake by having creative plant-based meals and one meat-free day every week.


  • We source all meat from farm assured suppliers, always meeting UK welfare standards.
  • We ensure all our fish is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.
  • We only source free range eggs.
  • We pay all our staff at least the living wage.