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Why choose us?


If you are looking for a new catering provider for your school, we might just be the perfect fit!

We can work with you to create a seamless transition with lots of added benefits. Why not let us take any catering worries off your hands, while giving your pupils a wide choice of healthy meals they will love?


What we can offer

We have decades of experience as the leading provider of school meals in Barnsley. We also provide lots of added benefits for schools, pupils, and parents. 

We're a trustworthy, creative, evolving and invested team. We work closely with you, your parents and pupils to build sustainable menus crammed with children’s favourite choices and nutritious foods.

  • We can employ, train, and develop your existing kitchen staff. We believe that investing in staff is investing in happy and healthy pupils.
  • We provide innovative three-week menus with three different options every day. Our meals are packed with all the nutrients children need to thrive.
  • We involve pupils in testing new products and dishes, so they always remain at the heart of what we do.
  • We have high standards and hold accreditations and awards showing our commitment to best practice.
  • We have a slick ordering and payments system which allows parents to view menus and allergens and order from their phone.
  • We really care about the local community and are conscious of our economic, social, environmental, and ethical impact.
  • We go above and beyond. We offer creative theme days, cookery and nutrition sessions, healthy eating campaigns and more.

Interested? We’d love to meet you and chat more. We could even take you for a visit to one of our existing schools so you can see for yourself.

Contact us online to see how we can help you.