Reducing your risk of falling

As you get older your risk of falling increases.

Even if you're still active, you could have poor eyesight, slower reaction times, weaker muscles, or problems with your balance. All these things can lead to accidents or falls.

Tips to prevent you from falling

  • Keep your home clutter and obstacle free, especially stairs, so you can move around easily.
  • Use high wattage bulbs to provide good lighting.
  • Wear well fitting shoes or slippers.
  • Get help if you need to lift something heavy.
  • Do gentle exercise to improve your balance and muscle strength.
  • Have regular health and eye tests.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of calcium to keep your bones strong.

What to do if you fall

If you fall when you're alone, get help and keep yourself warm. Wearing a community alarm around your neck will enable you to get help quickly. Raising the alarm will alert our response centre staff and they'll ring you to see what's wrong.

When you next see your doctor or nurse, tell them about your fall.  

They can check whether a health problem is causing you to fall and if it's likely to happen again. If it is, they may give you medication to improve your condition.

Make sure you tell your family that you've had a fall. They'll be able to keep an eye on you and make sure you get any treatment you might need.

Equipment and adaptations

If you're struggling to keep mobile in your home, ask us for help. Someone from our equipment and adaptations service will visit you to do an assessment. This will help them to make any necessary adjustments to your home or provide specialist equipment to help you cope. 

You can also look for equipment or services yourself in our adult health and social care directory.

Age UK home safety advice

Age UK Barnsley can give you advice about different kinds of equipment that could prevent you falling. Call them on (01226) 776820 if you want more information about their home safety scheme and checklist.

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