Ask us to collect large unwanted items

We have two types of collections for large items:

  • standard large item collection - for up to 12 items
  • business and premium collection - for more than 12 items, for landlords or businesses

Check the information below to see which service you need and how to apply.

Standard large item collections 

You can use our standard collections service to ask us to pick up unwanted items that are too big to put in your bin.

If you want to use the service, you have to apply and pay online.

We'll take up to 12 items in one collection. This is a list of the items we'll collect.


There is a charge for this service:

  • £20 for up to two items*
  • £5 for each additional item, up to a maximum of 12 items per order

*If you need to dismantle something, such as a wardrobe, we'll still count it as one item.

Arrange a standard collection

Before you begin 

Have you thought about other ways to get rid of your unwanted items for free? 

You could:

This form is for our standard collection service for residents. Please check the items we'll collect before you fill in the form.

Don't use this form if:

  • you've got more than 12 items for collection
  • you're a landlord or business owner
  • you've got commercial items for collection
  • you've got an American style fridge/freezer for collection
  • you've got gas-powered cooling equipment for collection (e.g. caravan fridge)

Use the business and premium collection form further down the page.

You'll need to put the items we're collecting outside your home as soon as we've sent you confirmation of your order. 


You pay for our standard service online, so have your payment details ready when ordering.

What happens next

We'll pick your items up within 10 working days of you sending us the form. It can take longer if there's a bank holiday.

We won't be able to tell you the day and time we're coming.

Please leave your items outside your home as soon as we've sent you confirmation of your order. We won't be able to come back for items that weren't put out in time.

Make sure your things are easy for us to access. If, for example, they're behind a locked gate, we won't come back for them.

Items like fridges or wardrobes should be empty or we won't collect them.

Business and premium service

You may need our business and premium service if:

  • you want items removing that aren't on the list
  • you want commercial items picked up
  • you want gas-powered cooling equipment or American style fridge/freezer picked up
  • you have more than 12 items to be picked up
  • you're a landlord or run a business


The prices and timescales for this service can vary, depending on what you want us to collect and when.

Arrange a business and premium collection

Use our online form below to ask about this service.

We'll get back to you with a quote and send you a link to pay online.