Get an extra grey bin

We offer an extra capacity service to larger families of five or more. 

If you’re using your recycling bins, but you've still got too much household waste to fit into your grey bin, you can ask for an extra grey bin.

Please use our online form below to apply. You'll need to provide the following evidence in your application for everyone living at your property:


  • A bank/credit card statement (dated in the last three months); or
  • A utility bill (dated in the last three months).


  • A copy of their annual Child Benefit award letter; or
  • A bank statement.


  • A bank statement (dated in the last three months); or
  • A letter from higher education establishment confirming attendance and home address.

There's a charge of £43 to apply for an extra grey bin.

Submitting your evidence

If you apply online, you can either:

  • Scan your evidence and upload it as part of your application.
  • Submit the online form, then post your documents to Waste Management, Smithies Lane Depot, Barnsley, S71 1NL.

All the documents must clearly show your address. On each document please write the reference number that you got when you applied for the bin. This is so that we can add the documents to the right application.

If you apply by phone, we’ll give you your reference number and tell you where to send your evidence.

If you have problems providing any of the above, please contact us.

What happens next

Once we receive your completed application, we’ll visit your property to work with you to look at the best rubbish and recycling solution for your family.

If we think you need an extra grey bin we'll deliver one. If we think you need to use your recycling bins more effectively, we’ll advise you how to do this. If we don't think you're eligible for an extra grey bin we'll refund you £29.

As long as you use the bins as agreed, we'll continue to empty the extra bin.

We may reclaim the extra bin(s) and return you to a regular service if:

  • You can't keep to the recycling arrangement for any reason.
  • The number of people permanently living at your home drops to less than five.

Change in circumstances

If you no longer have five people living permanently in your home, you'll no longer qualify for the extra grey bin. Use our online form below to cancel the extra bin. We’ll contact you to make arrangements to pick the bin up.

If you move house you'll need to tell us your new address, and must take your extra bin with you.