Make the most of recycling

You should have four coloured bins and a white bag to help you separate and recycle your rubbish:

  • green bin for garden waste (we collect garden waste between March and the end of November only)
  • blue bin for cardboard
  • brown bin for cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles/jars
  • grey bin for general waste
  • white bag for paper

By making some simple changes, we can all recycle more to help our environment.

Each year we’ll send you an up-to-date recycling information leaflet and collection calendar. This should give you all the information you need to help you recycle. If you haven't received one, check your collection days and download a leaflet here.

You may also see us knocking on doors in areas where residents don’t recycle much. We do this to let everyone know what can be recycled and to make sure they have the right bins.

Make the change

  • Compost at home – you can buy a compost bin from most DIY stores.  Check recycle now to see what you can compost, like vegetable peelings and vacuum fluff.
  • Buy concentrated goods such as laundry detergent and re-fillable containers for things like coffee.
  • Buy products loose - you pay extra for the packaging.
  • Buy rechargeable batteries.
  • Take a re-usable shopping bag to the shops.
  • Don’t throw away unwanted gifts or clothes – take them to your local charity shop.  Even if they're not in good condition, they can sell them for industrial rags.  You can also take unwanted clothing to a clothing recycling bank.
  • Ask friends if they want your old magazines or take them to your nearest doctors/dentist surgery.
  • Take your engine oil to your nearest recycling centre.
  • Join our real nappy incentive scheme and claim for a grant towards the cost of a ‘birth to potty pack’.

Find out more

These websites have useful tips to help you reduce waste and recycle more: