Waste carriers' licences

If you're operating a waste carrier business, you must have a licence from the Environment Agency.

Anyone who handles waste must take all reasonable steps to ensure that it's managed properly. Handling includes producing, importing, keeping, storing, transporting, treating or disposing of it. 

If you breach this duty of care, you could receive a penalty fine of up to £5000 if convicted in the Magistrates court. The fine is unlimited if you're convicted in the Crown Court.

Duty of care regulations apply to commercial premises/businesses, householders, and those who transport waste. Since the (Household Waste) Duty of Care Regulations 2005, all householders must ensure that household waste is properly disposed of. 

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Report someone who may not have a licence to carry waste

You should always check that anyone removing waste from your premises is authorised to do so.

Ask them for their full address, telephone number and to see their waste carriers licence. Record the details of it and check it with the Environment Agency.

Make sure they give you an invoice describing the waste they took from you. If you don't, and your waste is fly-tipped, you could be charged with a duty of care offence.