Register a birth

By law every child born in England and Wales must be registered in the district where the birth took place.

You need to register your baby to get a birth certificate. You can then register your baby with a doctor and claim any family-related benefits.

You'll save time at your appointment if you order and pay for birth certificates online when you book your appointment. You can also pay for certificates with a debit or credit card at your appointment if you're not sure how many you want. Please note, we're not able to accept any payments in cash. 

See our registration charges for certificate costs.

You can make an appointment online to register a birth at:

  • The Register Office in the Town Hall
  • Royston Library
  • Wombwell Library

You'll have 30 minutes to fill in and submit the online form to book your appointment. If you don't complete your booking within this time you'll lose your chosen appointment slot.

Changes due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) 

We've suspended appointments for registering births, currently until after 4 May 2020, in line with government guidance about reducing contact with the public. 

Read more about the changes we've made to our registration services 

You won't be able to book an appointment to register a birth either online or over the phone until further notice.

You can still claim Child Benefit if you've not been able to register the birth of your child.

Who can register the birth

A birth can be registered by:

  • the mother

  • the father where the child's parents were married to each other at the time of birth or conception.

  • in certain circumstances another person can register a child's birth, please contact Barnsley Register Office for more information.

The information you'll need

We'll need the following information to register a birth:

  • the date and place of birth. The time of each baby's birth is required for multiple births

  • the baby's sex

  • the first and last names in which the child will be brought up

  • the father's first and last name; his date and place of birth, and his occupation at the time of his baby's birth

  • the mother's first and last name, a maiden name if applicable, the date and place of her birth, her usual address at the date of the birth, and her occupation

You must also bring with you:

  • the hospital discharge form or personal child health record (red book)
  • a form of identification for yourself such as a passport, driving licence or birth certificate

Please make sure you arrive for your appointment on time - if you're more than 5 minutes late we won't be able to see you and you'll need to book a new appointment slot.

Registering by declaration

If you're unable to visit one of our offices, you can arrange to register your baby by declaration at any other register office in England and Wales. Please ask us for more information about this option.