Register a birth

By law every child born in England and Wales must be registered in the district where the birth took place.

You need to register your baby to get a birth certificate. You can then register your baby with a doctor and claim any family-related benefits. 

You'll save time at your appointment if you order and pay for birth certificates online when you book your appointment. You can also pay for certificates with a debit or credit card at your appointment if you're not sure how many you want. Please note, we're not able to accept any payments in cash. 

See our registration charges for certificate costs.

You can make an appointment online to register a birth at:

  • The Register Office in the Town Hall
  • We aren't available to offer appointments at Royston Library and Wombwell Library due to COVID-19 restrictions

You'll find the link to the form below and will have 30 minutes to fill it in to book your appointment. If you don't complete your booking within this time you'll lose your chosen appointment slot.

Changes due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) 

We suspended birth registrations in March, in line with government advice about stopping face-to-face appointments.

The Registration Office in the Town Hall has re-opened for birth registrations only. There are some restrictions in place to enable us to work as quickly and safely as possible, you can read more about these below. You won't be able to register a birth at one of our other offices for the time being.

Due to demand for appointments, we're currently registering the births of babies born up to 31 July.

If your baby was born after 31 July, you won't be able to book an appointment yet. Please revisit this page, or follow us on social media for further information about when we'll be releasing appointments for babies born from 1 August.

The appointments shown in the form are the only ones available, you won't be able to get an earlier one by calling us. 

The quickest way to book an appointment is by using our online form, below. Please help us by ordering and paying for birth certificates on the form, if possible

Please don't try to book an appointment for a baby born after 31 July. The form will stop you if your child was born from 1 August. We also can't take telephone bookings to register any births after 31 July. 

If your baby was born before 31 July and you're not able to use our online form, please contact us and we'll help you to make an appointment.  

Please cancel your appointment if you're not able to attend, to free the time up for someone else to register their baby's birth. The link to change or cancel your appointment is in your confirmation email, or you can call us and we'll do it on your behalf. 

Remember, you can still claim Child Benefit if you've not been able to register the birth of your child due to COVID-19.

Read more about the changes we've made to our registration services due to COVID-19.

Who can book an appointment when the office is open?

If your child was born on or before 31 May you can book an appointment to register the birth. We'll be opening appointments to children who were born after 31 May at a later date. This will make sure that we can begin to get through the registrations that need to be made.

How do I book an appointment?

It's quick and easy to use our online form, please also book and pay for any certificates online before you visit for your appointment.

You'll receive a confirmation email with the date and time of your appointment at the Town Hall in Barnsley.

What happens when I arrive at the Town Hall?

You must arrive no more than five minutes before your appointment, if you're any earlier than this you'll be asked to wait outside the Town Hall. Please come to the main reception on Lancaster Gate (by the fountains). We'll direct you to a new area for waiting until the registrar is ready to see you, this is to limit the number of people you'll be coming into contact with. After your appointment you'll leave via our one-way system to exit the building. There are no baby-changing facilities on site and you can't bring your pram or pushchair into the Register Office. 

What should I bring with me to register the birth?

There's a full list of what you'll need to bring on this webpage. Please also bring your own black pen to sign your paperwork.

Do I need to wear a face covering?

We request that you wear a face covering when you visit. Please also follow social distancing guidance and regular hand washing or using hand sanitiser.

Can I bring my baby and partner with me?

If you're married, you don't need to bring your partner with you, their name can be included on the birth certificate without them being at the appointment. If you're not married and you want your partner's name on the certificate they'll need to come with you. We recommend that you don't bring your baby with you, but we understand that it may not be possible to have someone care for them whilst you're at your appointment. Please don't bring any other children with you, unless it's absolutely necessary.

When are you registering babies born from 1 June onwards?

There is a backlog of births to register from the start of the COVID-19 lockdown. We're grateful for your patience and understanding, we'll release further appointment dates as soon as we have some capacity to register later births. If you need to register a baby born after 1 June urgently, please contact us to speak to a member of the team. We'll consider the reasons for your request, but can't guarantee an earlier appointment. 

Who can register the birth

A birth can be registered by:

  • the mother
  • the father (where the child's parents were married to each other at the time of birth or conception)

In certain circumstances another person can register a child's birth; please contact us for more information.

The information you'll need

We'll need the following information to register a birth:

  • the date and place of birth (for multiple births we'll also need the time of each baby's birth)
  • the baby's sex
  • the first and last names in which the child will be brought up
  • the father's first and last name, his date and place of birth, and his occupation at the time of his baby's birth
  • the mother's first and last name, a maiden name if applicable, the date and place of her birth, her usual address at the date of the birth, and her occupation

You must also bring with you to your appointment:

  • the hospital discharge form or personal child health record (red book)
  • a form of identification for yourself, such as a passport, driving licence or birth certificate

Please make sure you arrive for your appointment on time - if you're more than five minutes late we won't be able to see you and you'll need to book a new appointment slot.

Registering by declaration

If you're unable to visit one of our offices you can arrange to register your baby by declaration at any other register office in England and Wales. Please ask us for more information about this option.