Register a stillborn baby

A stillborn baby is a child who was born after 24 weeks and did not breathe or show any signs of life. When a baby is stillborn the midwife or a doctor will give you a medical certificate of stillbirth, and you'll need this for the registration.

You should usually register a stillbirth within 42 days.  If the stillbirth took place in Barnsley you'll need to make an appointment to attend the Register Office in the Town Hall.

Changes due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

We've currently suspended all  face-to-face appointments to register the birth of a stillborn baby until further notice. 

We usually receive the details of any stillborn babies directly from Barnsley Hospital, and will contact you to make an appointment for you to register the birth over the phone. The hospital will send us any paperwork that we need.

If we haven't contacted you, please call us on (01226) 773555 to make a telephone appointment.

We've temporarily removed our online booking form below until we resume face-to-face appointments.

Who can register

Either parent can register the stillbirth if you were married to each other at the time of birth. If you're not married, and want the name of the father on the register, you'll need to attend the appointment together.

If the baby was conceived through fertility treatment either parent can register, if you were married or in a civil partnership at the time of the treatment. If not, you'll both need to attend to have your names in the register.

You can choose to buy a full birth certificate (showing parents' names) from us. See our registration charges page for certificate costs. If you're booking an appointment online you can pay for the certificate at the same time, or you can pay by debit or credit card at your appointment.

You'll have 30 minutes to fill in and submit the online form to book your appointment. If you don't complete your booking within this time you'll lose your chosen appointment slot.

Please make sure you arrive for your appointment on time - if you're more than 5 minutes late we won't be able to see you and you'll need to book a new appointment slot.

Registering by declaration

If it's more convenient, you can go to any register office in England and Wales to give the details of the stillbirth of your baby, but they won't be able to register the birth. This is called registering a stillbirth by declaration. The registrar will then send the information to us if the stillbirth happened in Barnsley. 

Getting support when your baby dies

Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity, supports anyone who's been affected by the death of a baby before, during or shortly after birth. They work with families throughout the UK to offer emotional and practical support for parents, grandparents and siblings.