Children, Young People and Families Trust

Under the Children’s Act 2004, local agencies have a duty to cooperate and work with the council. They plan, commission or deliver services to make sure children, young people and families are safe. They improve outcomes for people from pre-birth to 19 years of age.

The Children, Young People and Families Trust brings these agencies together in Barnsley. Their key priorities are informed by the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA). 

Our vision, priorities and outcomes

Our vision, priorities and outcomes are expressed as: 365 - make every day count for every child. They're based on our sign up to the following:

Our vision

  1. Strong families, strong Barnsley.
  2. Every child in a 'good' school.
  3. Success in learning and work.

Our priorities

  1. Keeping children and young people safe.
  2. Improving education, achievement and employability, including promoting apprenticeships.
  3. Tackling child poverty and improving family life.
  4. Supporting all children, young people and families to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  5. Encouraging positive relationships and strengthening emotional health.
  6. Improving staff skills to deliver quality services.


  1. Being healthy.
  2. Staying safe.
  3. Enjoying and achieving.
  4. Being an active citizen.
  5. Earning a good living.

How we help

Our aim is to make sure that every child gets the right help, at the right time, in the right place. This needs to be done through the right model at the right cost to achieve the right outcome. We pledge to drive equalities through all our work.

Our Children and Young People’s Plan and Children and Young People's SEND Plan set out what we plan to do. They reflect our ambition to help children, young people and families to achieve their goals.

Children and young people also have the chance to influence their services. We asked young people from our Youth Council about the priorities in our plan. Their response was "the priorities are right – get on with it!"

Trust executive group (TEG)

The TEG is a small group of the wider trust. It's chaired by our Executive Director for Children's Services. It meets frequently to make key decisions about how to deliver more 'joined up' services for families. It challenges partners and the partnership as a whole. This makes sure we're working together to improve outcomes for children, young people and families.

The TEG is in charge of delivering our Children and Young People’s Plan. It assigns resources, commissions services and monitors performance.

TEG meetings

TEG meetings are open to the public and press. A confidential section may sometimes exclude these though. This is done once it's agreed with the chair person in advance.

View a list of future and past TEG meetings and documents.

If you'd like a copy of TEG meeting minutes or papers, please contact us online.

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