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Edition 12: July 2022

DBS launch NEW Outreach Service

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) has launched a regional safeguarding outreach service, which will focus on working collaboratively with local authorities, organisations, and networks, to develop relationships and raise awareness of DBS as a safeguarding body.

The aim is to work more closely with organisations to build and develop relationships, and to act as a single point of contact for all DBS-related enquiries within their region.

I will be working with organisations and networks within Yorkshire and the Humber in several ways, including:

  • answering DBS-related queries and supplying advice via phone/email
  • attending meetings, training, and conferences, or visiting organisations for face-to-face discussion
  • developing and delivering presentations, workshops, webinars, or discussions to provide an overview of DBS
  • collating feedback, suggestions or comments and feeding this back into DBS
  • helping organisations/networks to understand what level of DBS check can be applied for, and what information these checks will provide
  • informing organisations and employers of their duty or power to refer

Rebecca Bool | Regional Outreach Adviser for Yorkshire and The Humber, Partnerships Team | Strategy and Performance Directorate
Tel: 0300 0731577

Pilot of a NEW universal health passport (adults and young people)

If you work with adults and young people in Barnsley who need our care and support, keep an eye out for our universal health passport.

Replacing the hospital’s ‘This is Me’ passport, the new health passport aims to help healthcare professionals understand the needs of the people they support and make reasonable adjustments to the care they provide during appointments and hospital stays.

Working with our partners at Barnsley Hospital, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SWYFT) and the South Yorkshire Integrated Care System, we've created a health passport for people to use in health, social care and educational settings. It includes emergency contacts, medical information, and personal details of the person receiving care, including their likes and dislikes. The passport is available on paper and in an easy-read format. The scheme will be piloted for 12 weeks in Barnsley, and we'll evaluate the pilot's effectiveness. 

If you're a member of staff who comes across the health passport, let us know what you think by completing our survey for professionals. If you're a carer, you can also complete our survey for passport owners and carers.

Please provide your feedback by Friday 7 October.

If you have any questions about the scheme, please contact

Safeguarding reviews shows the need to support young people into adulthood

Cumbria have completed a review into the death of Katie, aged 20. Katie had a history of exploitation, homelessness, and drug use. She was not eligible for adult social care support. Read the review.

A similar case was completed in Doncaster – read the review from Doncaster Council

A regional Transitions/Preparing for Adulthood conference was held in June to share best practice and support local developments.

Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board and Barnsley Safeguarding Children’s Partnership are sponsoring this joint work and are receiving regular updates. Barnsley’s Adult and Children’s social care are working closely to establish a Preparing for Adulthood Team that will help young people move into adulthood. This joint project will include South Yorkshire Police and other partners.

Safeguarding Adults Training: New Programme

We have several free safeguarding adults workshops through August and September.

See our training programme

We are also arranging for some short “lunch and learn” workshops. If you have any suggestions for topics that you would like us to cover through our safeguarding training, or would like to volunteer to deliver any workshops, please contact us at

Safeguarding Awareness Week: 21 to 25 November 2022

We have started planning for the 2022 Safeguarding Awareness Week. If your organisation would like to contribute to the week by:

  • organising a public facing event
  • offering some training
  • involving adults you support
  • other

Please do let us know - email

Do you know any individuals or organisations who would like to receive the newsletter? Please ask them to email

Edition 11: May 2022

Positive feedback from our recent peer review

BSAB invited the Y&H ADASS peer review panel to evaluate the work of the Board and its Partners. The review took places in March 2022. We have received the report, which agreed with our assessment that we are working well to prevent and respond to safeguarding adults in Barnsley.

The review panel identified several areas of outstanding practice including:

  • A commitment to keeping adults in Barnsley safe from abuse by working together at all levels of organisations, supported by strong leadership.
  • An active customer group (SAFE – Safeguarding Adults Forum by Experience).
  • A well-developed response to supporting people struggling with self-neglect and/or hoarding.
  • The work of the Directions and Multi Agency Panel and the associated partnership working.
  • Strong commitment from Housing partners to support tenants before they require safeguarding.

The review did not identify any areas we were not “sighted” on and already exploring solutions to. These include:

  • Increasing the dialogue and joint working between BSAB and other partnership boards.
  • Increasing the involvement of customer groups to support them to raise more referrals and act to prevent abuse.
  • Consider how the move to integrated health and social care structures will impact on safeguarding.

An action plan will be developed and overseen by the board and its subgroups.

New 7-minute guide – Gillian, and a new SAR commences

BSAB have completed a Safeguarding Adults Review into “Gillian”.

The case involved a woman, with learning disabilities, who was found with her deceased mother in a distressed state. Sadly, mum had been dead for several days before a concerned neighbour alerted the police.

The learning is summarised in the 7 minute briefing document and the learning will inform the design and content of existing and future courses.

The Safeguarding Adults Review Sub Group of BSAB has agreed that we will review the death of a 69-year-old man who died as a result of sepsis.

He had lived in a care home in Barnsley and received health care from both Barnsley and Sheffield Hospitals. Concerns about the quality of capacity assessments and lack of appropriate advocates will feature.

Learning will be posted in future newsletters.

GP’s send in high quality safeguarding concerns

A recent audit highlighted not all GP practices raise concerns. The number overall is lower than we would like. The good news is that 47% are screened in as a S42 enquiry. GP’s have engaged in training, organised by the Clinical Commissioning Group, and are supported by the Safeguarding Nurse and GP. A further audit is planned to test if GPs linked to care homes need any further support.

New Safeguarding, Mental Capacity and Medication Safety Training 

Details of our latest training programme can be found on our training and events calendar.  All training is provided free of charge. 

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Edition 10: March 2022

Peer review

We have received the initial feedback from the review team.

Areas of strength included:

  • Strong partnerships to deliver safeguarding
  • Persistence of workers, especially working with adult who self-neglect and / or hoard
  • The Safeguarding Board has a clear strategy and works well together
  • Robust training programme
  • Evidence of working with the adult to deliver their outcomes

Areas to consider for development:

  • Clarify who owns “issues” that could be picked up by multiple boards (eg Domestic Abuse)
  • Develop and use the Customer group (SAFE)
  • Can we do more to get more workers and communities to recognise and report safeguarding concerns?
  • Encourage other partners to lead on issues on behalf of the Board

We will discuss the detailed feedback at the May meeting and update our action plans to reflect our ambitions. Watch this space for more news.

New leaflet: Safeguarding Adults and Children

A new leaflet, "Safeguarding adults and children is everybody’s business!" was produced for Safeguarding Awareness Week 2021.

If you would like copies to share with colleagues and / or the public, please email:

You will need to collect them from Gateway Plaza.

Safeguarding Awareness Week 2022

This will take place on 21 to 25 November 2022.

The focus is public engagement.

If you have links with any community, voluntary or other groups who might be willing to run an event during the week, please ask them to contact

We are keen to hear from adults who have been helped in advance of needing safeguarding support OR adults who have experienced abuse or neglect who are willing to share their story. We will anonymise as required. If you are working with anyone who might be willing to consider sharing their experiences, please contact

A regional conference on learning from Safeguarding Adults Reviews will be held during the week. Date to be confirmed.

New Safeguarding Courses

Safeguarding Adults: New training courses available

Introduction to Safeguarding Children and Adults Course and Basic Safeguarding Adults Course. These courses will provide the basic information about how to identify abuse and neglect and how to report your concerns.

Anyone can book onto these courses on POD, by following the links or by emailing:

These courses are aimed at workers or volunteers who have not completed any safeguarding courses but whose roles will bring them into contact with children and adults.

Raising High Quality Safeguarding concerns. This course will support you to share information with Adult Social Care about an adult who is being abused or neglected or self-neglecting/hoarding. You will know what feedback to expect once you have raised a concern and how to escalate your concerns if required.

The Principles of Good Safeguarding Enquiries course is aimed at workers and volunteers who will need to produce some information or complete an internal enquiry to support a safeguarding investigation. It will explore what a good enquiry is and what your role and responsibilities will be? These courses are primarily aimed at people who require more detailed knowledge of safeguarding adults such as managers in health and social care, nurses, doctors, social workers, anyone working in safer neighbours or housing.

Additional support to use POD to book onto courses: Learning Pool, who provide the POD system, will now provide support for most queries via their 24/7 helpdesk service. Please contact them by email: or by phone on 0345 0744114.

The POD Team will still deal with the following issues:

  • setting up or closing accounts
  • setting up a new course
  • manager changes
  • course resets (for example if you must retake a course)
  • PDRs
  • reports
  • error message


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Edition 9: January 2022

Peer review

Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board has asked the Local Government Association (LGA) to complete a review from 16 to 18 March 2022. The review will evaluate our strengths and development areas in the following key lines of enquiry (KLOEs):

  1. Outcomes for and the experiences of people who use services
  2. Leadership, strategy and working together

The first will focus on safeguarding practice and our ability to deliver person-centred responses. The second will focus on the work of the board/sub-groups and our ability to make a difference.

You may be contacted to take part in a core group to share your experience of safeguarding/work with the board/sub-groups. We hope that you will be able to prioritise involvement to maximise the benefits of the review.

Safeguarding Awareness Week (SAW)

You can read an evaluation of SAW 2021.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the week.

SAW 2022 will take place in November. if you've not yet been involved but would like the opportunity to showcase your service, share learning, or engage with the public, please contact

BSAB commits to involvement in TWO Research projects

Self-neglect research - led by Bedfordshire University (June 2022 to July 2024)

The research will include interviews with front line workers, managers, and senior managers to explore how well you feel we manage risks and partnership working.

Interviews with adults who have lived experience and/or their family friends will take place.

The research aims to produce resources for use by both the public and workers and will include an evaluation of their impact.

Interviews are scheduled to commence in October 2022.

If you'd like more information, would like to be involved in the interviews, or have worked with adults who would welcome the chance to share their experiences, please contact

Transitions research

BSAB and Barnsley Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (BSCP) have a shared ambition to improve our support to young people aged 17 to 25 to prevent the need for safeguarding support for them or their children.

Based on our longstanding relationship with Research Informed Practice for Adults (RIPFA) we have been asked by Sussex University to contribute to this research project. An introductory event will take place in February and more information will be shared in future newsletters.

Training news

We have several free training workshops that people can book themselves onto via POD using the links below.

  • Raising high quality safeguarding concerns: The course will support workers to raise high quality safeguarding concerns. It will include:
    • the criteria for raising safeguarding concerns
    • the need to discuss your concerns with the adult
    • when concerns can be raised without consent

      The next workshop is on 1 March 2022, with repeated workshops throughout the year.

  • Learning from Safeguarding Adult Reviews: The course examines learning from recent Safeguarding Adult Reviews, and key points that we should be mindful of in our work. The next workshop is on 24 February 2022, with further workshops throughout the year.

  • Self-neglect and hoarding: We are holding a short workshop (1 to 1.5 hours) around self-neglect and hoarding on 15 February 2022 and again on 5 May 2022.

New training programme – out soon!

We have a comprehensive training directory out soon. If you're not on the mailing list and would like to receive this, please contact who will add you to the circulation list.

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Edition 8: November 2021

New and updated resources

The following resources have been updated and can be found on the website:

  • Exit points from safeguarding
  • Planning meetings
  • Face to face conversations - guidance
  • Face to face recording template
  • Mini guide - stalking - how to recognise and respond

If you'd like any other guidance, please contact Cath:

See all BSAB resources for professionals and volunteers.

Lola - SAR and 7-minute briefing available

We've completed a review into Lola - a young woman with learning disabilities potentially subjected to 'wilful neglect'.

Key learning:

  • was not taken to annual health checks – LD
  • Lola had very limited contact with anyone outside the home
  • disguised compliance and avoidance of professionals by family
  • health concerns not adequately addressed

You can access the report and guide below:

BSAB annual report

Read our 2021 annual report.

New provider of the domestic abuse perpetrator programme

From 6 September 2021 Cranstoun will deliver the South Yorkshire Programme to challenge perpetrators of domestic abuse to take responsibility for their behaviour. To support them to make positive changes to enable positive change and protect victims and children from experiencing abuse. Find out more and contact Cranstoun online.

Barnsley care homes involved in research project

Barnsley is taking part in a medicines safety research project. Three published papers have reported average rates for incidents involving medicines in care homes at about 8%. Fortunately, the majority 88.7m (90%) led to no or minor harm. However, the remaining 10.4m (10%) led to moderate or severe harm. BSAB is supporting our local care homes to contribute.

This section of the research has two parts. In part one, the lead researcher will be conducting semi-structured interviews with registered managers and semi-structured focus groups with people living in care homes, care home staff, visiting health and social care staff who support people living in care homes, and commissioners and regulators of care homes. Whilst in part two, services will be asked in confidence to submit to the lead researcher a blank copy of the medicines audit tool they use.

Training news

New course: Raising high quality safeguarding concerns

Half-day sessions will run from 1 February 2022 and will support workers to identify and share safeguarding concerns.

This course will run bi-monthly through to April 2023 and is primarily aimed at workers that will raise safeguarding concerns. Aimed at workers/volunteers at levels B and C.

Find more information and booking for the course.

We have also organised two workshops on learning from recent Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARs). This is to learn and discuss learning from recent SARs both in Barnsley and nationally. These workshops are primarily for workers at levels B, C and D. This will include social workers, nurses, GPs, allied healthcare professionals, police offers, managers in health and social care, safeguarding managers, regulators and safeguarding leads.

The workshops will take place on 14 December from 1.30pm to 4.30pm, and 20 January from 1.30pm to 4.30pm. Find more information and booking on the workshops.

Read the Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board Training Strategy.

We would also like to introduce Maddie Halford who has joined the team as Safeguarding Adults Board Training Administrator as part of the BMBC apprentice scheme. Maddie will be supporting our work to promote and arrange safeguarding adults training. She will also be supporting our review and continued evolution of that training.

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Edition 7: July 2021

​Face to face safeguarding training

Free safeguarding adults training is being delivered by Microsoft Teams. This course is aimed at managers in health and social care, social workers, nurses, GPs and doctors. It runs each month and includes the legal basis for safeguarding and the principles for conducting effective enquiries. View the learning outcomes and full information about the safeguarding training for professionals, managers, social workers, safeguarding leads and safeguarding champions course on POD.

There is also a follow up workshop for each delegate so that they can understand how they can discuss practice issues that have arisen since their training. Book on the follow up workshop for safeguarding training for professionals, managers, social workers, safeguarding leads and safeguarding champions.

Safeguarding Practitioners Forum

We're hosting our second safeguarding practitioner’s forum on the 19 November from 1.30 until 4.30 pm. The forum is used to discussed challenging issues and cases in safeguarding adults. Please contact if you would like to attend the event.

Other face to face training

We're also delivering free training to independent providers around the Mental Capacity Act Care Planning Please click on the links for more information about these courses.

Updated Safeguarding Adults website

The Safeguarding Adults web pages have been updated. Any comments on the new format and content are very welcome, email these to

Hoarding support groups – go live July 2021

If you're supporting an adult or family who are struggling with hoarding and who might benefit from a customer led group, please ask them to attend one of our hoarding groups, the details are below. Alternatively, share the hoarding support group poster with them. The sessions will be supported by specially trained workers and provide an opportunity to share experiences and offer support.

One of the people who attended the first meeting said: “I found it really useful and enjoyable and I am looking forward to the next one!”

The group is free to attend and open to friends, family and supporters. There is no need to book.

It runs on the last Tuesday of each month, 6pm to 8pm at Maltas Court Community Centre, Maltas Court, Worsbrough Dale, Worsbrough, Barnsley S70 4QG. Call 07786 525988 for further details.

You can also find further information about self-neglect and hoarding on our website.

Safeguarding Adults Annual Report 2020/21

The Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report will be on the website soon! Link in next newsletter. The report evidences significant progress, despite the challenges of COVID.

If you have any feedback on the report, please send it to

Safeguarding Awareness Week (15 – 19 November 2021)

Visit the Safeguarding Awareness Week 2021 website to see what’s on.

If you can host any events, please contact Cath:

Quality of concerns audit

PMQA, one of the sub groups, completed an audit to explore the quality of safeguarding concerns sent to Adult Social Care. The audit covered the period March to May 2021. Main results –

  • 100% of referrals included details of the referrer and their manager
  • 70% included the consent of the adult, the remaining 30% were unable to consent. The same figures apply to the views of the adults being included.
  • 95% indicated care and support needs and 87.5% included an abuse type
  • 80% of referrers received feedback from Adult Social Care

The audit will be extended to include SY Police and Care providers and reported in September 2021. An audit plan is set up for the next 12 months. If your organisation would like to be involved, contact Cath:

Items for future newsletters

Have you got news to share? Next edition September 2021. Contact:

Edition 6: May 2021

Updated resources

The following resources have been updated and can be found on the information and support for workers and volunteers page. Please add the concern form to your favourites and delete earlier copies.

  • Concern form
  • Decision Support Guidance

Hoarding awareness week

We worked with Safer Neighbourhood colleagues to raise awareness of hoarding. A new self neglect and hoarding web page has been produced, including an online form to share concerns.

Safeguarding good practice

The Pathways and Partnership subgroup would love to hear about:

  • Positive examples of safeguarding practice OR
  • Cases where organisations did not work well together

If you have any cases you would be willing to share, please contact to arrange to attend a future meeting.

Public Health Annual Report

The Safeguarding Board endorsed the Public Health Annual Report that gives us the views of Barnsley adults.

Safeguarding eLearning

New safeguarding courses

Items for future newsletters?

Have you got news to share? Next edition July 2021. Contact

Edition 5: March 2021

Launch of new e-learning courses

We've launched three free e-learning courses on POD:

Recognizing and sharing safeguarding concerns (Level A)

This course is for anyone working with adults with care and support needs. It covers who might be at risk of abuse and neglect, what we mean by abuse and neglect, and what we should do if we recognise it.

Safeguarding for workers who will raise concerns (Level B)

This course is for anyone that may raise safeguarding concerns as a result of abuse and neglect. It includes social and health care managers, social workers and allied health professionals.

Self-neglect and hoarding

This course is for anyone that works with people who are at risk of self-neglect and hoarding. It includes information about Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board’s self-neglect and hoarding policy, risk assessing and good practice in supporting someone through hoarding.

We'd like to say thank you to everyone that piloted the training and gave feedback.

Safeguarding Awareness Week (SAW2021) – planning starts soon!

Safeguarding awareness Week 2021 (SAW 2021) for both adults and children will take place between the 15 to 19 November 2021. We're keen to hear from customer groups and members of the public. If you have any suggestions about how we can engage the public or if you have any suggestions for topics for the week or can offer any training, please contact us by email; Cath: or Jon:

Safeguarding adults review workshop – self-neglect and hoarding

We'll be hosting two workshops to disseminate learning from recent Safeguarding Adults Reviews around self-neglect and hoarding. The workshops are taking place on 21 April from 9.30am until 12.30pm, and 7 May from 1.30pm until 4.30pm. You can book onto the workshops on POD.

New: Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) – Valerie and Ian

Susan Benbow, independent author, has worked with the Safeguarding Adults Board to complete a review into the deaths of this couple. Their deaths were linked to self-neglect and hoarding. We asked her to review previous SARs and lessons learnt so we can make changes.  The full report can be found here: SAR - Valerie and Ian March 2021.

New: Organisational abuse policy

The Safeguarding Adult Board has signed off a new policy to manage organisational abuse safeguarding enquiries. It will be supplemented by guidance for relevant organisations. The policy can be found here: Organisational abuse policy.

Domestic abuse help at pharmacies – Ask For ANI

In January the Home Office launched a domestic abuse codeword scheme. Anyone at risk of, or suffering, domestic abuse can ask for ANI when visiting a pharmacy to discreetly indicate they need help.

More information is available at the GOV UK website

Edition 4: January 2021

Safeguarding Awareness Week (SAW2020) - evaluation

Thanks for everyone who contributed to the virtual SAW20 which took place 16–20 November.  Training events were held both locally and regionally.  They included – learning from Safeguarding Adults Reviews, frauds and cybercrime, supporting refugees and asylum seeker, how to raise a high-quality safeguarding concern and working with adults who self-neglect and/or hoard.  726 workers and volunteers attended events during the week (including children’s training).

Thanks to the communications teams who reached 127,544 people via Facebook with 7,912 unique reach and 14, 705 impressions.

The launch event was supported by Dan Jarvis, Cllr Jenny Platts and representatives from the Board members.

Planning for SAW21 will commence in March, if you have any suggestions for topics or would like to offer some training please contact Cath by email

Organisational abuse policy in development

The Safeguarding Board is working on a new policy to identify and manage organisational abuse.  If you would like to comment, please contact Cath for a copy. Email It is hoped to sign this off in March 2021.

New wilful neglect guidance

New guidance has been produced to help workers and volunteers identify and respond to wilful neglect of adults. It can be found under the information for professionals and volunteers

New leaflet to leave with the adult after a face to face discussion about safeguarding and their “outcomes”

A new leaflet has been approved by the SAFE group and endorsed by the Safeguarding Board.  It will be printed and available to collect in February.  See attached.  

If you would like printed copies, contact Cath to agree how you can do this. Email

SAFE group

The Safeguarding Adults Forum by Experience (SAFE) is keen to recruit NEW members.  You don’t have to have had experience of safeguarding to join.  The group meets bi-monthly and travel costs are paid.  If you are keen to help keep adults in Barnsley safe and can spare a couple of hours, please email Cath

Safeguarding /Multi Agency training

Jon Douglass is looking forward to working with you to design the new safeguarding adults and MCA training calendar for 2021/2022.  We are exploring creating a safeguarding champions network and providing training materials to assist you deliver high quality safeguarding training in your own organization.  If you are interested in learning more about this or have any suggestions for training topics. Email Jon

National Bereavement Service

Sadly, many adults have experienced bereavements due to COVID-19, a new service is available.  You can find out more information at The Good Grief Trust

Edition 3: November 2020

South Yorkshire Victim Care Award for SYP Colleague

DS Adrienne Sheekey works with the Domestic Abuse Team in Barnsley she was nominated and was awarded the award for her exceptional victim care and compassion. She continually goes out of her way to ensure the most vulnerable feel supported, exceeding the expected standards and inspiring others to do the same.

Chief Superintendent Sarah Poolman said: “Adie is a dedicated, caring, supportive and tenacious officer, who relentlessly commits herself to safeguarding victims of domestic abuse in order to protect them and future victims from significant harm. Her drive and commitment to protecting the vulnerable seems to be ever increasing and for that reason, she is thoroughly deserving of this award.”

NEW tool kit – help prevent or respond to financial abuse.

Thanks to Andy Foster and Danielle Lee (SYP) for sharing this information.

Safeguarding team at Barnsley Hospital

Barnsley Hospitals NEW safeguarding team are:

Head of Safeguarding

  • Gill Pepper – mobile 07972 772015

Named nurses

  • Lindsay Hood (Adults) – telephone 01226 436198
  • Nikki Kelly (Children) – telephone 01226 432618
  • Dawn Gibbon (Maternity) – telephone 01226 435887


  • Dawn Talabi (Adults) – telephone 01226 435981
  • Sarah King (Children) – telephone 01226 435724
  • Joanne Poskitt (Midwifery) – telephone 01226 435885

New e-Learning in development

The updated safeguarding adults at risk e-learning package is available free of charge –

Additional e-learning covering:

  • Self neglect and hoarding
  • How to raise a high quality safeguarding concern

Will be available early in 2021. If you would like to be involved in testing these in advance of going live please email

Multi Agency Trainer – Safeguarding Adults

We are delighted to confirm that we appointed a multi-agency trainer who will lead on developing, delivering and embedding high quality safeguarding training locally and regionally. More in the January newsletter.

Sad news

Pat Durie, one of the founding members of the SAFE (Safeguarding Adults Forum by Experience) sub-group died in October. Pat was passionate about safeguarding and she regularly attended the Safeguarding Adults Board Meetings to represent SAFE. Pat’s ability to challenge, her infectious smile and sense of fun will be missed! We send our condolences to her family and friends.

Safeguarding Awareness Week 16 – 20 November 2020

Despite lock down a wide range of training was provided for staff and volunteers. Thanks to all who gave their time to deliver the sessions and the workers and volunteers who attended. A full update will be included in the next newsletter. A new safeguarding video for the public was produced – it will be online soon!

Help prevent cybercrime

PROTECT YOUR PASSWORD in 3 easy steps.

  1. Create a separate password for your email account.
  2. Use 3 random words.
  3. Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA).

To find out more about how to do each step visit our Password Protection page on our website . Please share with colleagues, customers and if appropriate share via social media channels using our Protect your Password Campaign Pack.

Edition 2: September 2020

Return of South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue’s (SYFR) fire safety checks

SYFR are returning to carrying out home safety checks across properties in South Yorkshire. The checks are in line with stringent risk assessments issued by the National Fire Chief's Council guidelines for COVID-19. To minimise the time they spend in properties they're currently only carrying out the fire risk assessment elements to ensure they're leaving members of the public fire safe after their visits.

For more information contact Amanda Thompson – phone 07771 500729 or email

New safeguarding post at Barnsley Hospital

Barnsley Hospital have appointed a Head of Safeguarding. Gill Pepper will take up this role later this year.  This post will strengthen and develop the trust’s ability to safeguard adults and children. 

Safeguarding Adults Annual Report 2019 to 2020

Barnsley Council elected members scrutinised the annual report this month. The report is available on the safeguarding adults website in the annual report section.

Berneslai Homes – new vulnerability framework

Berneslai Homes have recently revised their established vulnerability strategy. This is an extremely important and useful protocol that should be used whenever any employee or contractor of Berneslai Homes feel it is appropriate and they are concerned about something that ‘doesn’t look right.’

Berneslai Homes recognises the importance of early intervention and identification of any difficulties their tenants and their households may be experiencing so that they can work together with colleagues across the partnership to provide support, information and guidance and ensure that safeguarding concerns are identified as early as possible.

Further information can be obtained from the Berneslai Homes Housing Management Team.

Exciting opportunity to work with the Safeguarding Adults Board

A multi-agency safeguarding adult’s trainer is needed to support the work of the board (4 days). For more details look at the council’s job vacancy website: Multi agency trainer - adults.

The closing date is 25 September 2020.

Safeguarding Awareness Week (SAW) – 16 to 20 November

For more information visit the dedicated Safeguarding Awareness Week webpage to identify training and events you can attend.

If you have an event you'd like to include please contact Cath Erine: email

Summary guidance and flow charts

The following documents can be found on the safeguarding adults website under information for professionals and volunteers.

  • Summary guidance – self neglect and hoarding. A flow chart and short summary document are available to support workers to navigate the full policy. This is in the self-neglect and hoarding section.
  • PIPOT flow chart (people in positions of trust). A flow chart available to help workers identify and respond to concerns about workers and volunteers. This is in the operational guidance section.

New policy

  • Factitious illnesses – responding to adults who are frequently brought to unnecessary medical appointments. This is in the policies/procedures/legislation section.

Edition 1: June 2020

Welcome – new members of BSAB

We're delighted to welcome:

  • Susan Brook - Barnsley CCG
  • Julie Chapman - Adult Social Care
  • Lindsay Hood - Barnsley Hospital
  • Becky Hoskins - Barnsley Hospital
  • Sam Rose - Probation

Find out more about the board on the Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board webpage, including our plans for 2020 to 2021.

Updated policies - summary guidance and flow charts to follow

These can be found on the safeguarding adults website under information for professionals and volunteers.

  • Self-neglect and hoarding – now includes a separate risk score for adults who hoard. Includes contact details of all key agencies and more detailed legal guidance. This is in the self-neglect and hoarding section.
  • Person in positions of trust (PIPOT) - now includes dealing with abuse in other areas. This is in the policies/procedures/legislation section.

Self-neglect - safeguarding adults review

We've completed a SAR into the death of Clive who died as a result of self-neglect. Thanks to his family for contributing. The report can be found on the safeguarding adult reviews (SARs) webpage. Clive died alone at home weighing six stones, in an unheated house due to worries about money. He struggled to access payments via the DWP due to his inability to leave his home.

Key learning – the impact of bereavement and need to provide home support for adults who are 'unable' to attend appointments. Need to work together to share information and manage the risks. Action plans will be monitored by the board to embed the learning.

A learning event will be held later in the year – if you're interested in attending contact Cath Erine by emailing

Safeguarding Awareness Week  (SAW) – postponed

SAW 2020 will now be from 16 to 20 November 2020.

Due to COVID-19 we've moved the South Yorkshire SAW from 6 to 12 July to 16 to 20 November.

If you'd like to be involved in the planning or have any suggestions for events during the week please contact Cath Erine by emailing

New leaflets

  • Making safeguarding personal
  • What is safeguarding?

If you're talking to an adult about their safeguarding concerns and what they want to happen, this will help you with that conversation. It was developed by the SAFE customer group. Your feedback would be much appreciated.

Printed copies are available if you can display them where the public can pick them up. Email for copies of the free leaflet.

You can find them in the information for professionals and volunteers section of the website.


See Me and Care campaign

The See Me and Care campaign is organised by Kirklees Safeguarding Adults Board. It's aimed at health and social care workers. It's all about putting 'yourself in others shoes' and thinking about the level of care you provide and whether this is how you would like yourself or those you care for to be treated.

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