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Edition 16: March 2023

Safeguarding Adults webpage updated

We've made some improvements to the webpage and plan more changes to help you find the information you need. Any feedback is welcomed. Please contact the Board Manager by emailing 

Training now has its own tile on the front page. Behind this tile you'll find details of all the courses available. If you'd like to offer to run a session, please email

Take a look at the updated adults safeguarding webpage.

Emergency alerts

Notifications can be received to your phone of threats to your safety from floods, fire, extreme weather. This is from the government or emergency services.

Alerts can be amended for adults with hearing or sight impairments.

Find out more about emergency alerts.

Podcasts - Mistakes in Safeguarding

39 Essex Street have produced some useful podcasts around safeguarding and MCA.

Listen to their podcast about the importance of professional challenge.

Places available at the Safeguarding Adults Multi Agency Practitioners Forum on 19 April 2023

Places are still available to attend in person or via Microsoft Teams. The session runs from 1.30pm to 4.30pm and provides a chance to catch up with latest practice, learning from reviews and to network with colleagues. For a place email

Increase in fire deaths linked to use of emollients

SY Fire colleagues have reported a rise in fires and fire deaths in households where emollients are used regularly. Please remember to check as part of home visits

  • Do they have working smoke alarms?
  • Can they exit the property if a fire starts?

If not, contact the community safety team who will arrange a visit or call (0114) 253 2314.

Read more about emollients and fire risks.

Richard - NEW Safeguarding Adults Review published

Barnsley have published a review into the death of Richard who died of sepsis, aged 69

Key learning – Lack of assessment of his ability to make decisions, absence of a shared care record between hospitals which negatively impacted on his care. Inconsistent contact with his family, however he had a strong relationship with his advocate and social worker.

Access the national SAR library.

Join the Affordable Warmth Charter

In 2022, we launched an Affordable Warmth Charter. This is to help organisations work together to tackle health inequalities caused by fuel poverty and help make sure Barnsley residents live in warm, healthy, energy-efficient homes. Representatives are invited to attend the newly formed Barnsley Affordable Warmth Charter Group, which will meet twice a year. The first meeting will take place at the end of April. It's a fantastic chance to speak to others about what they're doing to meet the overarching vision of “A Barnsley where everyone lives in a warm, healthy, energy efficient home.” Applications are open for organisations of all sizes and submitting one is quick and easy. 

Find out more about the Affordable Warmth Charter.

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Edition 15: February 2023

Safeguarding Adults Training Programme continues to expand

We have a range of adult safeguarding workshops and training taking place throughout 2023. Our full programme can be viewed on the training and events calendar. This includes details for booking. All our training is free and the programme is frequently updated with new and topical courses. It's worth checking the programme throughout the year.

There's been recent news about abuse of positions of trust by officers in the Metropolitan Police. If you'd like to know what to do if you are worried about the actions of a South Yorkshire Police employee, our SYP colleagues are delivering a workshop about “Abuse of Position for Sexual Purposes”. The workshop will last between 45 minutes and an hour. Book for the Abuse of Position for Sexual Purposes course on POD.

A workshop exploring the importance of appropriate professional boundaries and how to respond to concerns about persons in positions of trust is available. The workshop will last between an hour and 90 minutes. Book for the Professional Boundaries and Responding to Persons in Positions of Trust course on POD.

If you have any questions about our training courses, or suggestions for future courses we'd welcome your views. Please email

Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board is looking for a new chair

Our current chair is standing down in 2023 and we hope to recruit in the first half of the year. We're seeking someone who does not currently work with any of the organisations who sit on the Board. For more details – see the advert.

Safeguarding Awareness Week November 2022 another success

Public engagement was the key success in 2022. We're grateful to the support of Barnsley Market staff who provided space for groups to talk to members of the public and support referrals to a wide range of organisations. A radio advertisement and use of social media reached people who may not be able to leave their homes.

Learnings from Whorlton Hall

Many of you will remember the Panorama investigation into the private hospital in Durham. The full report is still to be published but has been delayed due to criminal enquiries. Read the summary report.

Key learnings:

  • Safeguarding investigations of cultures of services are carried out by service providers without agreed standards or expertise. 
  • The importance of a sustained relationship of trust with a professional for individuals in specialist hospital settings to enable effective safeguarding responses.
  • There is an illusion of advocacy provision for people with learning disabilities, and/or who are autistic, and who are inpatients or at risk of being admitted to specialist hospital.
  • Organisational safeguarding enquiries in specialist hospitals need closer working between the Care Quality Commission and Local Authorities to improve outcomes.
  • There are gaps in guidance and funding responsibilities for emergency specialist hospital closures after organisational abuse or deregulation.
  • There is no clear national approach to absorb learning, coordinate and resource action to transform care (a government commitment to transform care was made in 2012).
  • No evidence-base for what made a CCG effective at ‘micro’ commissioning and quality assurance of services for people with learning disabilities and/or who are autistic, to inform ICSs.

Safeguarding Adults Forum by Experience (SAFE) is seeking new members

SAFE is a subgroup of the Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board and includes a wide range of Barnsley residents who either have:

  • lived experience of disabilities, including learning disabilities, sensory impairments, mental ill-health
  • lived experience of safeguarding
  • lived experience of providing unpaid care; or
  • have an interest in helping the Safeguarding Adults Board to keep adults safe

The group meets bi-monthly, travel expenses are paid. Work completed by the group includes:

  • design of leaflets
  • work to produce a Universal Health Passport
  • involvement in Safeguarding Awareness Week
  • regional conference with other customer groups

If you're working with adults who might be interested in joining the group, virtually or in person please ask them to contact Cath. Her email address is

Find out more about the Safeguarding Adults Board.

Hate Crime Coordinator section

Hi, my name is Lucy Ramsden, and I'm the new Hate Crime Coordinator for Barnsley. I work within South Yorkshire Police analysing reports of Hate Crime in the area and supporting victims. I also work with different agencies to help make Barnsley a safer place so that people feel supported.

Our aim is to make people more aware of what hate crime is, how to report it and what to do if you feel unsafe. Together we can stop it.

For more details on hate crime and support available to you please visit the South Yorkshire Police website. If you wish to contact me, please email me at

New Member of the Team

Liam Claffey has recently joined the team at our Business Support team. He assists the Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board and it's subgroups. Liam can be contacted by email at

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Edition 14: November 2022

ECHO training - extension of community health outcomes - free training

How does ECHO work?

Training and education are led by a specialist 'Hub'. They connect multiple other healthcare sites. This includes care homes and GP's. They share knowledge and skills through virtual meetings, teaching sessions and case presentations. Together, ECHO members can discuss cases they've found challenging. This helps them to manage and decide on the best course of action together.

Project ECHO allows:

  • specialist training to be delivered free of charge
  • sessions to be attended by staff without having to leave their place of work
  • a chance for staff to discuss challenging cases with specialise teams and other colleagues in similar organisations
  • an improvement in competency and confidence of staff in managing challenging situations

For more details, please contact the Barnsley Hub. You can email You can also visit the Project ECHO webpage.

New "Was Not Brought" policy for health (and other) colleagues

We're learning from the safeguarding adults reviews into the neglect of both Lola and Gillian. It showed that neither of these women had been supported or brought to health appointments. This included annual learning disability (LD) health checks.

Currently, health colleagues record adults who fail to attend appointments as "did not attend". Many adults are unable to attend without help from family or friends. A new policy has been made to support health and other colleagues. This will question the lack of attendance for those adults who are likely to struggle to attend without support.

The Safeguarding Board will work closely with Public Health colleagues. We'll monitor the impact and the take up of annual LD health checks.

Read the Was Not Brought policy.

Please share widely with colleagues who don't receive this newsletter. The learning will apply to any group offering support to adults who are unlikely to attend appointments without help.

Working with alcohol dependant adults - training available

The alcohol-related brain damage (ARBD) network is holding a webinar on ARBD and models of care. This will be taking place on 1 December from 6pm to 7.30pm

The webinar will cover themes including:

  • back to basics: post-acute rehabilitation of ARBD
  • insights into supporting ARBD recovery in Glasgow City
  • Penumbra milestone: an integrated model of assessment and rehabilitation

The ARBD network website is a great resource for those working with this issue.

Alcohol Change UK's national online conference - Thursday 2 March 2023: people aren't hard to reach. We just don't always reach them.

At this one-day event we'll be hearing from people and communities we often fail to connect with. We'll learn more about how people bridge the gaps. If you're passionate about reducing harm and improving lives, this conference is for you.

Speakers will include:

  • Yaina Samuels on anti-racism and harm reduction
  • The Telling of our own stories project team on Gypsy, Roma and Traveller experiences of alcohol
  • Shannon Murray on LGBTQ+ experiences of substance use and treatment
  • Lucy Allwright on interventions to support women experiencing multiple disadvantage

Find out more and book your tickets.

Stigma kills

Change-resistant dependant drinkers are the focus of the Blue Light project. They're one of the most stigmatised groups in society. It was heartening to see the NHS Addictions Provider Alliance's work on tackling stigma. Their campaign brief sums up the issue well. It states that:

"Although addiction is a common health issue that requires medical intervention and support, people suffering from this illness are some of the most stigmatised in society. They're often seen as not even unwell and in some way deserving of their experiences."

The campaign aims to highlight the damaging effects of stigmatising language and attitudes towards those who experience addiction. It asks for all of us as individuals to look beyond the addiction. We should see the person behind it and hear their story.

Adults who struggle with alcohol are often likely to self-neglect and/or hoard. A number of issues have been found during the Safeguarding Adults Review. This includes highlighting that people need skills and confidence to work with these adults. Skills include carrying out executive functioning capacity assessments.

Safeguarding adults training 2023

Details of our new programme can be found on the POD. All are free of charge. If you'd like to suggest courses or are able to run events, as part of our multi-agency programme, please contact

Safeguarding Awareness Week (SAW) - 21 to 27 November 2022

Thanks to all groups who joined in with the SAW. We'll publish a detailed evaluation in the next newsletter. If you have any feedback you'd like to share, please contact

Family and friends group conferences pilot commences January 2023

Colleagues from Adult Social Care, Advocacy, Berneslai Homes and Safer Neighbourhoods will be provided with training by Birmingham Social Care. This will take place in December. Birmingham have been using this approach to support safeguarding work for some time.

After training, we'll pilot the use of these conferences to help adults struggling with self-neglect and/or hoarding. We'll look at the impact on their relationship with others and their self-neglect and hoarding.

If successful we'll look to roll out use of these conferences for all areas of safeguarding. Look out for more details in future newsletters.

Warm homes - marketplace event - 2 December 2022

We're hosting a Warm and Well event in Barnsley Market on Friday 2 December 8.30am to 2pm. It'll mark the launch of our Affordable Warmth Charter. It'll also highlight what's on offer for our residents to keep warm and well this winter. This is in light of rising energy costs and cost of living.

Some of our partners are attending. This includes the charity DIAL Barnsley. They're sending care workers to give advice and to take referrals for home visits. Age UK will be giving out winter service leaflets and signposting residents to their services.

Berneslai Homes representatives will be promoting their warm and welcoming spaces. Their Tenants First service will be offering help to tenants who are struggling with the rising cost of living.

Meanwhile, our Warm Homes team will be checking eligibility for heating and insulation grants. Our More Money in Your Pocket team will speak to residents about help available to them. It'll be in regard to tackling the rising cost of living.

A pop-up COVID-19 autumn booster clinic will be running. Eligible people will be able to get their vaccine to boost their immunity.

The Affordable Warmth Charter will help organisations work together. They'll share knowledge, expertise and resources on tackling the health inequalities caused by fuel poverty. They'll help make sure residents live in warm, healthy and energy efficient homes.

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Edition 13: September 2022

Safeguarding Awareness Week (SAW): 21 to 27 November 2022

Planning continues for the week and a SAW webpage will be available from October.

If you've planned any events and would like us to add them to the programme, please complete the training and events form. Then please return it to

A regional self neglect and hoarding conference is planned for 24 November with adults with lived experience of hoarding and self-neglect. Please contact Jon via email at for more details or to request a place.

Barnsley markets have agreed to host stalls all week. If you want to talk to the public about your service, please contact Cath via email at

A customer safeguarding event is being planned for 23 November. If you'd like to contribute to this or support adults who would like to know more, please contact Cath via email at

Support for adults to manage rising costs of living

The Safeguarding Adults Board is concerned that the cost of living may make it more difficult for carers to take relatives to health and other appointments. This may lead to an increase in harm to adults who rely on others to keep them safe and well.

If you're working with adults, you can let them know about More Money in Your Pocket. It has lots of advice to help people with:

  • utility bills
  • housing support
  • food support
  • budgeting
  • employment and skills
  • wellbeing support
  • grants
  • freebies

If you're worried an adult is being neglected or harmed, contact (01226) 773300. You can also fill in our our concern form.

Barnsley safeguarding adults annual report

The annual report 2021/22 has now been approved by the board.

It includes a video message from the independent chair and three video case studies. If you need a printed copy, please contact the safeguarding adults service via email at

Barnsley safeguarding adults peer review report 

You can view the full report. The review recognised the strength of partnership working in Barnsley and our commitment to keep adults safe. The areas of development were already known to the Board and its partners. An action plan has been developed to progress these. You can also read a summary of the report and the reaction of elected members.

Barnsley safeguarding adults training programme 

Additional training has been added to the programme, including “Lunch and Learn” sessions. Soon, we'll be launching two new Mental Capacity Act e-learning packages. For details of the latest training you can visit our training and events calendar.  

Guide to assist conversations about medication 

Our colleagues in West Yorkshire have produced a helpful guide for Health and Social Care Staff about managing medications. We hope you'll find it useful when working with adults in Barnsley.

Future newsletters 

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Edition 12: July 2022

DBS launch NEW Outreach Service

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) has launched a regional safeguarding outreach service. It'll focus on working with local authorities, organisations, and networks. It'll grow relationships and raise awareness of DBS as a safeguarding body.

The aim is to work more closely with groups to build and develop relationships. They'll act as a single point of contact for all DBS-related enquiries within their region.

I'll be working with organisations and networks within Yorkshire and the Humber in several ways. It includes:

  • answering DBS-related queries and supplying advice via phone/email
  • attending meetings, training, and conferences, or visiting organisations for face-to-face discussion
  • developing and delivering presentations, workshops, webinars, or discussions to provide an overview of DBS
  • collating feedback, suggestions or comments and feeding this back into DBS
  • helping organisations/networks to understand what level of DBS check can be applied for, and what information these checks will provide
  • informing organisations and employers of their duty or power to refer

Rebecca Bool, Regional Outreach Adviser for Yorkshire and The Humber, Partnerships Team, Strategy and Performance Directorate

Telephone: 0300 0731577

Pilot of a NEW universal health passport (adults and young people)

If you work with adults and young people in Barnsley who need our care and support. Keep an eye out for our universal health passport.

Replacing the hospital’s ‘This is Me’ passport, the new health passport aims to help healthcare professionals understand the needs of the people they support. Then they can make reasonable adjustments to the care they provide during appointments and hospital stays.

We've been working with our partners at Barnsley Hospital, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SWYFT) and the South Yorkshire Integrated Care System. We've created a health passport for people to use in health, social care and educational settings. It includes emergency contacts, medical information, and personal details of the person receiving care. It also includes their likes and dislikes. The passport is available on paper and in an easy-read format. The scheme will be piloted for 12 weeks in Barnsley. We'll then evaluate the pilot's effectiveness. 

If you're a member of staff who comes across the health passport, let us know what you think by completing our survey for professionals. If you're a carer, you can also complete our survey for passport owners and carers.

Please provide your feedback by Friday 7 October.

If you have any questions about the scheme, please contact

Safeguarding reviews shows the need to support young people into adulthood

Cumbria have completed a review into the death of Katie, aged 20. Katie had a history of exploitation, homelessness, and drug use. She was not eligible for adult social care support. Read the review.

A regional Transitions/Preparing for Adulthood conference was held in June. It's aim was to share best practice and help local developments.

Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board and Barnsley Safeguarding Children’s Partnership are sponsoring this joint work and are receiving regular updates. This joint project will include South Yorkshire Police and other partners.

Safeguarding Adults Training: New Programme

We have several free safeguarding adults workshops through August and September.

See our training programme.

We are also arranging for some short “lunch and learn” workshops. If you have any suggestions for topics that you would like us to cover through our safeguarding training, or would like to volunteer to deliver any workshops, please contact us at

Safeguarding Awareness Week: 21 to 25 November 2022

We have started planning for the 2022 Safeguarding Awareness Week. If your organisation would like to contribute to the week by:

  • organising a public facing event
  • offering some training
  • involving adults you support
  • other

Please do let us know. You can email

Do you know any individuals or organisations who would like to receive the newsletter? Please ask them to email

Edition 11: May 2022

Positive feedback from our recent peer review

BSAB invited the Y&H ADASS peer review panel to evaluate the work of the Board and its Partners. The review took places in March 2022. We've received the report, which agreed with our assessment that we are working well to prevent and respond to safeguarding adults in Barnsley.

The review panel identified several areas of outstanding practice including:

  • A commitment to keeping adults in Barnsley safe from abuse by working together at all levels of organisations, supported by strong leadership.
  • An active customer group (SAFE – Safeguarding Adults Forum by Experience).
  • A well-developed response to supporting people struggling with self-neglect and/or hoarding.
  • The work of the Directions and Multi Agency Panel and the associated partnership working.
  • Strong commitment from Housing partners to support tenants before they require safeguarding.

The review did not identify any areas we were not “sighted” on and already exploring solutions to. These include:

  • Increasing the dialogue and joint working between BSAB and other partnership boards.
  • Increasing the involvement of customer groups to support them to raise more referrals and act to prevent abuse.
  • Consider how the move to integrated health and social care structures will impact on safeguarding.

An action plan will be developed and overseen by the board and its subgroups.

New 7-minute guide – Gillian, and a new SAR commences

BSAB have completed a Safeguarding Adults Review into “Gillian”.

The case involved a woman, with learning disabilities, who was found with her deceased mother in a distressed state. Sadly, mum had been dead for several days before a concerned neighbour alerted the police.

The learning is summarised in the 7 minute briefing document and the learning will inform the design and content of existing and future courses.

The Safeguarding Adults Review Sub Group of BSAB has agreed that we'll review the death of a 69-year-old man who died as a result of sepsis.

He had lived in a care home in Barnsley and received health care from both Barnsley and Sheffield Hospitals. Concerns about the quality of capacity assessments and lack of appropriate advocates will feature.

Learning will be posted in future newsletters.

GP’s send in high quality safeguarding concerns

A recent audit highlighted not all GP practices raise concerns. The number overall is lower than we would like. The good news is that 47% are screened in as a S42 enquiry. GP’s have engaged in training, organised by the Clinical Commissioning Group. They're supported by the Safeguarding Nurse and GP. A further audit is planned to test if GPs linked to care homes need any further support.

New Safeguarding, Mental Capacity and Medication Safety Training 

Details of our latest training programme can be found on our training and events calendar.  All training is provided free of charge. 

Receiving our newsletter

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Edition 10: March 2022

Peer review

We have received the initial feedback from the review team.

Areas of strength included:

  • Strong partnerships to deliver safeguarding
  • Persistence of workers, especially working with adult who self-neglect and / or hoard
  • The Safeguarding Board has a clear strategy and works well together
  • Robust training programme
  • Evidence of working with the adult to deliver their outcomes

Areas to consider for development:

  • Clarify who owns “issues” that could be picked up by multiple boards (eg Domestic Abuse)
  • Develop and use the Customer group (SAFE)
  • Can we do more to get more workers and communities to recognise and report safeguarding concerns?
  • Encourage other partners to lead on issues on behalf of the Board

We will discuss the detailed feedback at the May meeting and update our action plans to reflect our ambitions. Watch this space for more news.

New leaflet: Safeguarding Adults and Children

A new leaflet, "Safeguarding adults and children is everybody’s business!" was produced for Safeguarding Awareness Week 2021.

If you'd like copies to share with colleagues and / or the public, please email:

You will need to collect them from Gateway Plaza.

Safeguarding Awareness Week 2022

This will take place on 21 to 25 November 2022.

The focus is public engagement.

If you have links with any community, voluntary or other groups who might be willing to run an event during the week, please ask them to contact

We're keen to hear from adults who have been helped in advance of needing safeguarding support OR adults who have experienced abuse or neglect who are willing to share their story. We'll anonymise as required. If you're working with anyone who might be willing to consider sharing their experiences, please contact

A regional conference on learning from Safeguarding Adults Reviews will be held during the week. Date to be confirmed.

New Safeguarding Courses

Safeguarding Adults: New training courses available

Introduction to Safeguarding Children and Adults Course and Basic Safeguarding Adults Course. These courses will provide the basic information about how to identify abuse and neglect and how to report your concerns.

Anyone can book onto these courses on POD, by following the links or by emailing:

These courses are aimed at workers or volunteers who have not completed any safeguarding courses but whose roles will bring them into contact with children and adults.

Raising High Quality Safeguarding concerns. This course will help you to share information with Adult Social Care about an adult who is being abused or neglected or self-neglecting/hoarding. You'll know what feedback to expect once you have raised a concern and how to escalate your concerns if required.

The Principles of Good Safeguarding Enquiries course is aimed at workers and volunteers who will need to produce some details or complete an internal enquiry to support a safeguarding investigation. It will explore what a good enquiry is and what your role and responsibilities will be? These courses are primarily aimed at people who require more detailed knowledge of safeguarding adults such as managers in health and social care, nurses, doctors, social workers, anyone working in safer neighbours or housing.

Additional support to use POD to book onto courses: Learning Pool, who provide the POD system, will now provide support for most queries via their 24/7 helpdesk service. Please contact them by email: or by phone on 0345 0744114.

The POD Team will still deal with the following issues:

  • setting up or closing accounts
  • setting up a new course
  • manager changes
  • course resets (for example if you must retake a course)
  • PDRs
  • reports
  • error message


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Edition 9: January 2022

Peer review

Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board has asked the Local Government Association (LGA) to complete a review from 16 to 18 March 2022. The review will evaluate our strengths and development areas in the following key lines of enquiry (KLOEs):

  1. Outcomes for and the experiences of people who use services
  2. Leadership, strategy and working together

The first will focus on safeguarding practice and our ability to deliver person-centred responses. The second will focus on the work of the board/sub-groups and our ability to make a difference.

You may be contacted to take part in a core group to share your experience of safeguarding/work with the board/sub-groups. We hope that you will be able to prioritise involvement to maximise the benefits of the review.

Safeguarding Awareness Week (SAW)

You can read an evaluation of SAW 2021.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the week.

SAW 2022 will take place in November. if you've not yet been involved but would like the opportunity to showcase your service, share learning, or engage with the public, please contact

BSAB commits to involvement in TWO Research projects

Self-neglect research - led by Bedfordshire University (June 2022 to July 2024)

The research will include interviews with front line workers, managers, and senior managers to explore how well you feel we manage risks and partnership working.

Interviews with adults who have lived experience and/or their family friends will take place.

The research aims to produce resources for use by both the public and workers and will include an evaluation of their impact.

Interviews are scheduled to commence in October 2022.

If you'd like more information, would like to be involved in the interviews, or have worked with adults who would welcome the chance to share their experiences, please contact

Transitions research

BSAB and Barnsley Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (BSCP) have a shared ambition to improve our support to young people aged 17 to 25 to prevent the need for safeguarding support for them or their children.

Based on our longstanding relationship with Research Informed Practice for Adults (RIPFA) we have been asked by Sussex University to contribute to this research project. An introductory event will take place in February and more information will be shared in future newsletters.

Training news

We have several free training workshops that people can book themselves onto via POD using the links below.

  • Raising high quality safeguarding concerns: The course will support workers to raise high quality safeguarding concerns. It'll include:
    • the criteria for raising safeguarding concerns
    • the need to discuss your concerns with the adult
    • when concerns can be raised without consent

      The next workshop is on 1 March 2022, with repeated workshops throughout the year.

  • Learning from Safeguarding Adult Reviews: The course examines learning from recent Safeguarding Adult Reviews, and key points that we should be mindful of in our work. The next workshop is on 24 February 2022. There'll also be further workshops throughout the year.

  • Self-neglect and hoarding: We're holding a short workshop around self-neglect and hoarding on 15 February 2022 and 5 May 2022. It'll last around 1 to 1.5 hours.

New training programme – out soon!

We have a comprehensive training directory out soon. If you're not on the mailing list and would like to receive this, please contact She'll add you to the circulation list.

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Public minutes from the Safeguarding Adults Board meetings


See Me and Care campaign

The See Me and Care campaign is organised by Kirklees Safeguarding Adults Board. It's aimed at health and social care workers. It's all about putting 'yourself in others shoes' and thinking about the level of care you provide. We also think about whether this is how you'd like yourself or those you care for to be treated.

Please leave us some feedback