Sensitive information

Some council services may request more detailed information from you in order to provide you with a service.

Children’s social care

We explain why we need to collect and share information about you to help us provide the services that you and your family need in our children's social care privacy notice.


All Barnsley schools and early years settings need to provide a privacy notice (previously a Fair Processing Notice) to parents or carers of all new and current pupils, and generally to pupils themselves if they’re 12 years or older.  See the schools privacy notice.

Electoral services

You'll need to register to vote in elections (council elections, police and crime commissioner elections, general elections, European elections, referendums). 

The council appoints an Electoral Registration Officer to maintain the Electoral Register. All applications are checked automatically with the Department for Work and Pensions under electoral law.


The council is under a legal duty to have regard to the impact of its policies and operation upon various groups, based on factors such as age, sex, ethnic origin, race, and sexual orientation. Gathering and analysing statistics about these factors allows us to ensure we implement and design policies in as fair a way as we can. We regularly prepare equality impact assessments on particular polices to ensure that those policies do not unfairly impact upon any groups and we also use them to ensure that we comply with our duty to promote relations between different groups. Such statistical data does not allow for the individual identification of any specific person and it will not impact upon any individual’s particular entitlement to services and facilities.