CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras help to prevent anti-social behaviour and crime.

We realise that CCTV in public areas may cause worry. There is a national set of rules called the Code of Practice, which is used to make sure that CCTV footage is only collected and kept as it should be. The recordings are kept secure and private.

We work together with the police to ensure we make good use of CCTV footage. Meetings take place where we talk about the best ways to use it.

CCTV in Barnsley is used for the following purposes:

  • to work with the police to improve community safety
  • to reduce the fear of crime by helping the police in the prevention and detection of crime
  • to help identify, arrest and prosecute criminals
  • to help police collect information about things that may have been filmed and respond to them
  • to give us information to help us take action using our licensing powers

We will make sure we meet the standard needed to obey the acts of parliament that regulate the capture, storage and release of CCTV footage.  They are the:

Where matters are the subject of criminal investigations, we will provide evidence using the procedures within the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1996 (PACE).