We're committed to achieving the very best outcomes for vulnerable children and young people in Barnsley. Children and their families are at the centre of all we do.

Do you want to support children and young people to be the best they can be? Are you committed to achieve the very best outcomes for them? If so, then why not join us!

As an Ofsted rated 'Good' authority we're striving to deliver even better services for children and their families.

The feedback from our latest Ofsted inspection also shows our commitment to our staff:

  • "Staff enjoy working in Barnsley. They feel heard."
  • "Reduction in workers’ caseloads…. This has undoubtedly led to improved workforce stability and wider improvements to practice for children and young people."
  • "Staff in Barnsley benefit from a bespoke and thoughtfully commissioned array of training and resources to help improve practice."
  • "Staff feel supported and speak positively about the impact of supervision from their managers."
  • "Social workers speak confidently and cohesively about the past experiences and needs of children they are working with. They understand children’s likes, interests and aspirations. This is because they take time to build trusting relationships with children through frequent visiting in response to children’s needs."

Our ambition

We want every child in Barnsley to:

  • achieve their full potential
  • be safe
  • be happy

We want to support children and young people to be the best they can be. We're also committed to achieve the very best outcomes for them.

We know that lower caseloads means better quality practice, and a happier, stable workforce. We're constantly striving to achieve lower caseloads. We do this through effective supervision, excellent training, progression pathways and supportive, visible senior management teams.

Our maximum caseloads are 15 children for an ASYE and 22 children for an experienced social worker.

Why it's great to be a social worker in Barnsley

  • Highly competitive social work salary up to £44,539 for experienced practitioners.
  • £3000 welcome payment- paid in instalments.
  • Regular supervision, support and a nurturing management team that supports and encourages learning and development.
  • Flexible working through our digital working agenda and flexi scheme.
  • Well established career progression at all levels.
  • Bespoke and targeted internal and external training.
  • An assessed and supported year in employment (ASYE) programme. This is to give additional support to newly qualified practitioners in their first year in practice.
  • Relocation package.
  • Good IT support and equipment.
  • Commitment to health and wellbeing and access to dedicated assistance programme.
  • Commitment to continuous professional development and training with a dedicated Practice Development Hub.
Read about our Practice Development Hub
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What helps you do your job in Barnsley

  • We're child focused. We have a staff team who are creative and supportive.
  • Team support, flexible working and really good multi-agency working.
  • Time to work with children and colleagues within the team. A positive outlook and a future learning culture.
  • Very supportive management, clear feedback on your progress, and a range of continued professional development.
  • A bespoke induction plan when you join the service with your Practice Development Hub link worker.
  • We are part of the South Yorkshire Training Partnership. Training is based on the needs of our children and families. This makes sure you have the best knowledge and skills.
  • Access to support and workload that isn't too high.
  • Consistent management.
  • Recent investment in recruitment has attracted a strong and experienced workforce at all levels from across the Yorkshire region.
  • We're committed to recruiting and retaining the very best talent. Read our workforce strategy to see our ambitions and priorities.
View our workforce strategy

Our teams

We have several children and young people teams who are mainly responsible for our work under the:

  • child in need framework
  • child protection framework
  • public law outline framework

All of our teams are located together. This enables our social workers to have access to team managers and advanced practitioners for any support they need during the day.

Find out about our teams
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Hear what our social workers have to say...

In our most recent staff social work survey:

  • 98.8%said Barnsley is a good place to work.

  • 97.6% said we've got a positive learning culture.

  • 100%said they have easy access to discuss urgent or complex issues with a manager outside of meetings.

More from our social workers...

  • Children’s social work is the most challenging thing I've ever done, but it’s also the most rewarding job. When I have a breakthrough with a family and see the positive changes taking place in front of me, it cements why I do what I do. - Jordan (social worker)
  • I love working with people, every day brings new learning and challenges. There's nothing as rewarding as seeing a family or young person thrive. The sense of pride and achievement is so fulfilling. - Rebecca (social care team manager)
  • There are so many great teams in Barnsley and it really is the people that make this job great. The passion that everyone I've had the pleasure of working with is what really attracted me to a social work career in Barnsley. - Ciaran (ASYE social worker)
  • Every child deserves the chance to reach their potential. Being a children’s social worker is about supporting families to make the changes needed for the child to do so. - Jade (social worker)