Barnsley Council social media acceptable use policy

While we welcome comments to our social media pages and understand that people have differing views on many issues, we will not condone swearing, discrimination or abusive posts.

We reserve the right to remove/block any contributions or contributors who break these rules and guidelines. We follow users who are relevant and useful to the council, but that doesn’t mean we necessarily endorse those users or any comments they make.

Although we do not take responsibility for posts made by customers or users, we aim to delete posts or block users that are:

  • Defamatory, misleading or false
  • Abusive or threatening – this includes swearing
  • Obscene, profane or sexually oriented
  • Discriminatory in any way
  • Promoting illegal activity
  • Promoting individual products or services
  • Completely off topic
  • The same message posted multiple times, otherwise known as 'spamming'
  • Controversial, irrelevant and off topic messages otherwise known as 'trolling' 

Hate crime

Hate crime is defined as any incident that's seen by the victim (or any other person) as being motivated by prejudice or hate towards their actual or perceived social identity. Social identities include:

  • disability
  • gender identity
  • race, ethnicity or nationality
  • religion, faith or belief
  • sexual orientation

Hate and harassment can take the form of criminal or non-criminal behaviour, and can include offensive comments or images on social media or text messages. We will remove/block any contributions or contributors who post hate-crime related messages on our accounts. We will also screenshot the posts and send them on to the police for investigation.

Find out how to report hate and harassment.

Allegations and disclosures

Any allegations or disclosures made on this page will be passed onto the relevant safeguarding organisations as part of our duty of care.

Before elections (purdah)

In the six weeks running up to an election councils have to be very careful about what they say. Whatever type of election, if you post anything which could be interpreted as supporting a party or candidate during the pre-election period we may have to delete it.


Our social media pages are monitored between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Thursday and until 4:45pm on Friday. We will also monitor the pages for coverage during selected events.

We will not be able to respond to questions or complaints outside of these hours, even if we are posting from our accounts. If you have an urgent query please use the council’s contact us page.

If you do notice any offensive comments on our sites at any time, please send us a private message and let us know.

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