Building Control

As part of the Building Control process we'll inspect the project at key stages in the build to ensure that it complies with buildings regulations.

It's your responsibility to inform us at the relevant stages during the works; we've produced a schedule of inspection notification stages that sets out what we'll need to inspect and when. The number and type of inspections will vary depending on the complexity of the build.

If you don't keep us informed about the building progress and book inspections at the right stages you may need to open up the works for us to check them, causing you additional expense and delay. 

How to book an inspection

To arrange an inspection please provide your application number, name, contact number, site address, plot number(s) (if necessary), the type of inspection you're arranging and the date you need it.

You can do this by either:

• using the free LABC Site Inspection App
• contacting us on (01226) 772678

We'll try to arrange inspections for specific times, either morning or afternoon, to accommodate your request.

You can download a full list of our fees and charges for our services including inspections. Fees will be agreed at the time of submission to cover all the inspections you'll need.

Completion certificates

We'll only issue a completion certificate for your build if the agreed inspection stages have been carried out to our satisfaction. It's important that you receive a completion certificate, as it's likely you'll need it if you're selling or remortgaging a property in the future. Estate agents and solicitors can ask for a copy of your completion certificate as evidence that there are no outstanding requirements under building regulations.

If you've lost your certificate and it's dated after 6 June 1992 you can contact us for a copy; we charge £12.50 for this service.

For copies of documents before 6 June 1992 we can provide you with a letter confirming the details of your approval; we charge £35 for this.

Certification of historically completed building work

Homeowners who undertake building work sometimes fail to have them formally approved by us. If you're selling a property that's relatively new, or has been altered or extended, you may be required to provide evidence to a prospective purchaser that the work has been inspected and approved under the building regulations. This is normally in the form of a building regulation approval notice and completion certificate.

We respond to belated requests for formal completion of works and charge £75 for the retrospective inspection and certification of completed and uninspected building works. This provides the new homeowner assurance of compliance with the building regulations.


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