Building Control

If you're a homeowner you may need planning permission as well as building regulations approval for your build.  Planning permission is about the design of your building and buildings regulations ensure it's safe, healthy and accessible.

When you've decided what project you're going to carry out, we can look at your plans and tell you what approval you'll need. Our knowledge can save you a lot of money in the long-term. That's why most people choose to come to us for practical advice.  

Projects you'll need approval for

Building regulations approval is needed for most building projects. The links below take you to the advice pages on the LABC website.  Here you can find out what plans you'll need and watch videos to guide you through the process.

New buildings

  • most new buildings except agriculture buildings
  • garages that are attached to your house and large detached garages


  • all extensions no matter how small
  • some conservatories and porches  
  • roof extensions, balconies and terraces
  • basements and basement extensions


  • all loft conversions
  • most garage conversions
  • barn conversions
  • subdividing a house into flats
  • converting flats back into a house
  • most building alterations and adaption to both commercial and domestic buildings

What you can do without approval

You can carry out some work without letting us know including:

  • most repairs, replacements and maintenance work. Except for replacing a combustion appliance that stores oil or fuel, electric fuse boxes or windows.
  • making extra plug sockets, switches or lighting points if they're added to an existing circuit
  • replacing bathroom suites

If you're not sure whether you'll need building regulations approval you can contact us for free technical advice before you start your project.