Building Control

When to apply

You need to apply for street naming and numbering in the early stages of your build.  This is usually once the planning and building control permissions have been granted and as soon as a firm layout is known. Utility companies will be reluctant to install a service where an official postal address hasn't been allocated. We'll need to consult with local ward councillors about the application before anyone moves into your premises.

If a new road is being constructed you'll also need to propose suitable names for adoption by the Highway Authority.

Criteria for street naming 

Street naming is subject to the following criteria:

  • names cannot be duplicated within the same locality;
  • names for consideration need to be unique to avoid confusion;
  • names of persons (living or dead) are not permitted;
  • where possible, names should reflect the history of the site or acknowledge the geography of the area. Names that endorse commercial marketing are not acceptable;
  • names should not be capable of being misconstrued into inappropriate meanings.

How to apply

You can download and fill in our street naming and numbering application form.

You should include a scaled plan showing the full extent of the development and the internal layouts of any flats or apartments if applicable. You plans should clearly show doors and access points.

There is a charge for this service, as detailed in the application form.

When we've received your form we'll provide copies to appropriate partners.  This will include the emergency services and will try to reach a decision as soon as possible. 

Where necessary, the information in your application may be shared with external organisations (eg Royal Mail etc) and other Barnsley Council services, to assist in processing your application. Our privacy policy provides further details.