Goldthorpe masterplan framework

Barnsley Council Cabinet members approved the proposed masterplan framework for Goldthorpe (ES10) and the plan was adopted by Full Council on Thursday 30 September 2021.

The site has been allocated for development within the Local Plan and can accommodate 72.9 hectares of employment land and supporting infrastructure.

The Masterplan Framework seeks to create a sustainable, high-quality employment site which will provide for the town and the wider Dearne Valley.

Your feedback

A community consultation seeking your views on the draft Goldthorpe Masterplan Framework was held from Monday 25 January, 10am to Monday 8 March, 5pm

All feedback was considered and changes to the proposals made where possible and appropriate. The final Masterplan Framework will need to be approved by Full Council before adoption.

Question and answer sessions

As part of the draft Masterplan Framework consultation, we held a series of virtual sessions to give people the opportunity to ask questions of those involved in producing the draft framework. You can find questions and answers from the sessions under the headings below.

Frequently asked questions

What is a masterplan framework?

Each council is required by government to produce a development plan. The Barnsley Local Plan was adopted by the council in January 2019. This was the culmination of five years’ work, including several public consultations and a two year public examination. When the Local Plan was being examined it was agreed that for some of the larger, strategic sites it was necessary to prepare masterplan frameworks to make sure that sites could be developed in a comprehensive manner, taking into account all of the infrastructure requirements.

Looking at large allocations in this way, rather than on a site-by-site basis, makes sure we can make the best use of sites and secure sustainable and inclusive growth, reflecting each of our corporate priorities.

The masterplan framework is a strategic document that sits beneath the Local Plan and will inform future planning applications. It is not a planning application. Planning applications will be prepared and consulted on before any further development comes forward on the site. The masterplan framework should be read in conjunction with the adopted Local Plan and the supplementary planning documents, including the national planning and policy guidance.

What is in a masterplan framework?

Masterplan frameworks contain the following:

  • planning policy summary
  • site location and description
  • land ownership
  • a summary of the existing evidence
  • site evaluation (opportunities and constraints)
  • land use framework
  • sustainable movement framework
  • protection of existing public rights of way routes and their incorporation within new development layouts
  • vehicular movement framework
  • green and blue infrastructure framework
  • placemaking framework (including design guides for character and neighbourhood areas where applicable)
  • sustainability and energy use
  • health and wellbeing
  • design evolution
  • conceptual masterplan
  • infrastructure and delivery phasing

Masterplan frameworks shall be subject to public consultation and be approved by the council before any key planning application are approved on the affected sites.

Each masterplan framework will be bespoke and therefore considered on a case-by-case basis.

Why is this project necessary?

The Local Plan requires that Masterplan Frameworks should be developed for specific large allocations and groups of sites. The Goldthorpe site will deliver new employment opportunities.

It is important for the council to work with developers and landowners to deliver a Masterplan Framework to establish the infrastructure requirements and deliver sustainable and inclusive growth.

How will the scheme benefit Barnsley residents?

The overall development will deliver around 73 hectares of employment land and will provide new employment opportunities. The site will also provide short-term job opportunities during the construction phase.  

Is the site Green Belt?

No. The site was released from the Green Belt as part of the Local Plan process. The site is now allocated for employment use and residential development in the adopted Local Plan and as such is considered suitable for development.

How will the project impact the area?

It is envisaged that the delivery of the Masterplan Framework will positively impact both residents and businesses. Alongside employment land, the draft Masterplan Framework also includes:

  • Brand-new infrastructure
  • Open green space with wildlife corridors, watercourses and key pedestrian and cycle paths through the site

Who is responsible for producing the masterplan?

Barnsley Council has produced the draft masterplan framework in collaboration with Edwards Architecture. The council’s role is to develop the Masterplan Framework, ensuring proposals are compliant with planning policy and delivers the anticipated outputs determined by the Local Plan.

How will the scheme affect air quality?

The masterplan area has the potential to affect air quality management areas along the A635 in Doncaster. This is due to traffic emissions causing the annual mean, and in one case the hourly mean, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentration to exceed targets. 

Barnsley Council has produced guidance regarding air quality considerations for planning applications, which says that air quality impact needs to be considered and mitigated.

Future planning applications are required to comply with this guidance to make sure that there is no deterioration in air quality in and around the Goldthorpe Masterplan Framework area.

Will the scheme generate excessive noise?

The Masterplan Framework and planning applications will consider noise impacts for existing and new residents. Developers will need to demonstrate that new development does not have an adverse impact on residents’ living conditions.

How will the scheme affect the ecology and biodiversity of the site?

As part of the Local Plan, a series of biodiversity assessments were provided for proposed site allocations.

The assessments identified areas and features of significant ecological value that should be retained as part of any new development. These areas have been identified on the technical constraints plan and have informed the layout of the masterplan.

The Masterplan Framework will seek to retain and enhance existing trees and biodiversity features wherever possible and deliver a net biodiversity gain. This could be through a combination of on and off-site compensation measures.

How do you know that the land is suitable for building, given it was previously an open-cast mine?

During the Masterplan process, technical ground investigation work has been gathered. These findings provide further information on the ground conditions.

South Yorkshire Mining Advisory Service has also helped developers to understand the risks and design requirements for new sites built on open-cast backfill.

The developers will be required to provide robust technical information at the planning application stage to demonstrate that development is possible and safe.

What are the timescales for the project?

Following the six-week public consultation, Barnsley Council will review the questionnaire feedback. This will also be shared with Doncaster Borough Council. Following this, the final version of the Masterplan Framework will be prepared. This document will then be taken through the governance process with a view to adopt during Summer 2021.

How is the project being funded?

The project has been funded by Barnsley Council.