Report damage to a retaining wall

We maintain the majority of retaining walls that support the borough's roads. A retaining wall is one that supports land at a higher level on one side than the other. 

Other retaining and boundary walls, including those on private land, are usually the responsibility of the landowner.

You can check if damage to a retaining wall has already been reported to us, and the status of existing reports, on the map below.

Reported damaged bridges and retaining walls map

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Report damage to a retaining wall

If the damage to a retaining wall you're reporting isn't on the map, and it's non-urgent damage, tell us about it using our online form.

If the damage is extensive and the wall appears in imminent danger of falling down, call our 24 hour emergency helpline on (01226) 773555.

You'll need to show us on a map where the damage is by clicking to drop a pin. You'll also need to tell us as much detail as you can about the damage. You can upload a photo of the damage as well, if you have one.

You can make your report anonymously, but if you'd like a receipt and reference number you need to tell us your email address.

Reports won't be picked up outside office hours or over bank holidays, so if the damage needs urgent attention please call our helpline.

After you've made your report

After you've submitted the form the damage you’ve reported will appear as a pin on the map. You might need to wait a couple of minutes and refresh your screen to be able to see the status of your report.

The pin will stay on the map for at least 28 days, during which time you can come back to the webpage to check the status of your report.

Once the pin drops off the map you won't be able make further enquiries about your report, unless you have your reference number.

What we'll do

When we get your report we'll inspect the site to determine whether it’s a public safety issue or a non-urgent problem to be added to our longer term maintenance programme.

If we can't find the damage when we visit the site you've reported to us, and we don't have details to contact you for more information, we'll close the report.