More than £23.1m investment is going to help Regenerate, Renew and Revitalise Goldthorpe, Thurnscoe and Bolton upon Dearne through the Towns Fund.

Final business cases for five major projects have been approved by Barnsley Council's Cabinet and government. This means the £23.1m is being released gradually in stages now and the projects are underway.

The Towns Fund Deal is a government funded £3.6 billion opportunity for towns. Throughout England towns can bid for funds. This can be to improve skills, digital and transport connectivity, create new jobs, raise aspiration and revitalise the economic prospects of the area. Economic growth is a key part of the deal. Each town can suggest how it thinks this could be achieved.

A total of 101 towns were invited to bid for up to £25m. This is since the scheme launched to the public in January 2020. Goldthorpe was one of these towns.

An evidence-based Town Investment Plan for Goldthorpe was put together. This was based on community and stakeholder input and submitted to the government in December 2020.

The Goldthorpe Towns Fund Board are the steering and decision-making body in developing the Town Investment Plan. In March 2021 the government approved a £23.1m investment in the Dearne Valley to realise our Town Investment Plan.

See the map of the area covered by the Towns Fund.

Project summaries

Employment land - new roundabout and Goldthorpe Towns Commercial Investment Fund

Theme: Growing Goldthorpe

Towns Fund investment will unlock the development of major employment growth in the Dearne Valley area. New employment opportunities will be created, and investment attracted into the area. This will mean more well paid jobs for local people. It will also help encourage skilled young people not to leave the area for work.

More business activity will lead to more spending in the local economy of Goldthorpe, Thurnscoe and Bolton upon Dearne. It will also provide skills and training opportunities.

There are two employment land projects:

New access/roundabout creating a new access to the ES10 employment site

This is being created off the A635 Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe, south of the Dearne Valley Parkway. It will provide access to the ES10 site. it will also unlock its potential as part of the Dearne Valley economic growth corridor.

Work is well underway and on track to be completed in the New Year. Two-way traffic lights are currently in operation on the A635 Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe. This will allow for the safe installation of new road surfacing as part of the construction works to deliver the new roundabout. We’re working hard to keep disruption to a minimum. So far, the works have been completed safely through use of a reduced speed limit.

We do ask people to allow extra time for their journeys and thank everyone for their patience. We'll continue to keep disruption to a minimum.

The new roundabout will help us to create more jobs. This is part of our vision to regenerate, renew and revitalise Goldthorpe, Thurnscoe and Bolton upon Dearne.

More details about the new roundabout including construction, FAQs, road closures, and a plan of the site are available. These are provided on the M1 Junction 36 webpage.

More information about the background to the ES10 employment land can be found through our pages on Barnsley’s Local Plan. You can also read the Goldthorpe masterplan framework.

Development of the ES10 site and any planning applications submitted will have to meet the requirements of the Goldthorpe masterplan framework. The masterplan was adopted by full council on 30 September 2021.

Goldthorpe New Roundabout Works November 2023

Goldthorpe Towns Commercial Investment Fund

This new investment fund can be used flexibly including to support the development of the ES10 employment site. It'll also be used across other employment sites and locations within the towns fund area. This includes Goldthorpe, Thurnscoe and Bolton upon Dearne.

See the map of the area covered by the Towns Fund.

The fund will be available to developers and commercial industrial businesses. For example this could be office space, service industries, manufacturing or logistics.

It will assist with projects which are not viable without some extra investment. It can be used for:

  • delivery of new commercial floor space

and or

  • repurposing or bringing back into use existing commercial floor space

Both of these projects will be a major catalyst for future economic growth.

Applications for the fund closed on 31 March 2023. Find out more about the Goldthorpe Towns Commercial Investment Fund.

Goldthorpe warehouse


Theme: Developing Goldthorpe

Goldthorpe Housing Project

Streets in Goldthorpe

Funding has been sought to regenerate traditional terraced streets. This is through property and environmental improvements designed to help grow people's pride in their area. We also hope to improve residents' wellbeing, including physical and mental health.

This will be achieved through creating more welcoming public spaces for residents to interact with each other socially and giving opportunities for informal play and active travel. In addition, new affordable homes could be delivered to our low-carbon standard.

The aim is to create a healthy and safe living environment for everyone.

Public consultation took place in May 2022 with residents and landlords on the following proposals:

  • The acquisition and demolition of up to forty properties on Cooperative and Victoria Street.
  • Up to 11 new-build, low-carbon affordable homes to be let and managed by Berneslai Homes.
  • Shared space streets.
  • New green space connecting Market Street and Victoria Street.
  • Secured by Design rear boundary improvements.
  • Improvements to rear alleyways.
  • Secured by Design external cycle storage facilities.

The results of the public consultation will help to help shape the final regeneration plans for the Goldthorpe Housing Project area.

Read the results of May 2022’s public consultation survey in our Goldthorpe Housing Project report.

Updated programme and timescales for the Goldthorpe Housing Project

Please note: the updated programme and timescales are indicative only, are subject to approvals and may be subject to change.

Timescale Stage
Autumn 2023 to winter 2023/24
  • Housing needs assessments.
  • Property acquisition negotiations and progression towards acquisitions.
  • Relocation support for residents.
Winter 2023/24
  • Planning permission sought.
  • Cabinet approval of Goldthorpe Housing Project design.
  • Demolition order served.
Winter 2023/24 to spring 2024
  • Property acquisitions.
  • Supported relocation of residents.
Commences in spring 2024
  • Demolition.
  • New build homes.
  • Public realm works.

Updated map of draft demolition area: August 2023

  • Red boundary line: the Goldthorpe Housing Project boundary.
  • Properties shown in red blocks: properties proposed for demolition.
Goldthorpe Housing Project boundary

Phoenix Park

Theme: Connecting Goldthorpe and Placemaking Goldthorpe

This beautiful green space between Thurnscoe and Goldthorpe was once the site of the former Hickleton Main Colliery. This project will help enhance the park's appeal as a destination and thoroughfare between Thurnscoe and Goldthorpe.

It will offer opportunities for a greater level of organised community activity and help the park achieve its potential to support local small-scale enterprises. A number of access improvements have already been made through the initial stages of Towns Fund, including the improvement of active travel links to encourage visitors on foot and bicycle. Now the wider plans for the site include:

  • A new visitor hub
  • More play facilities
  • Improved car parking

You can read more about this project on our frequently asked questions page.

Phoenix Park sculpture

Community and Cultural Hub

Theme: Developing Goldthorpe

This project will develop a combined community and cultural hub within the Welfare Park. This includes the refurbishment of the existing historic Dearne Playhouse – formerly Goldthorpe Miners’ Welfare. It will also include a refreshed outdoor multifunctional performance and community events space.

The first phase of the project was carried out in 2023 and included installing a new roof, upgrading the theatre equipment, and replacing the sound and lighting systems and curtains.

The second phase of the works, which began in 2023, involves a complete refurbishment of the basement, creating a new community space and a music rehearsal space that will be open for bookings. The ground floor will also be redecorated, the stonework at the entrance will be repaired, and an accessible entrance to the basement will be installed.

The third and final phase of the works will focus on improving the Welfare Park and providing additional parking to benefit the whole area, including the Lift Centre, the Dearne and District Football Club, and the IKIC (I Know I Can) Centre.

In addition, there will be improved event day parking and business development support for the Playhouse team.

There will also be widespread engagement and consultation with young people in the area, including those who don’t currently use what’s on offer to them such as the youth club or sports activities. This will help create activities and opportunities to interest and engage them.

Dearne Playhouse

Horse and Groom Square

Theme: Placemaking Goldthorpe

Goldthorpe Town Square opening day

The new Horse and Groom Square is the first of the five major projects in the Goldthorpe Town Deal programme to have its major capital works completed.

It was officially opened in October 2023 by the Mayor of Barnsley, Cllr James Michael Stowe, and the Chair of the Goldthorpe Towns Board, Matthew Stephens.

Town square opening day

The square hosts a market every Thursday from 9am to 3pm and will also provide a place for public events.

With curved pathways and decorative contrasting paving, it's a place for people to linger, relax, socialise and find peace.

Work carried out with investment from the UK Government’s Towns Fund included:

  • new landscaping
  • paving and planted borders
  • informal seating
  • fixings for the new Goldthorpe Market

The former Horse and Groom pub, which had become disused and unsafe, was demolished prior to the project commencing using accelerated Towns Fund money. It's remembered in the square with a mosaic designed by artist Dan Jones, inspired by the Horse and Groom pub sign. The sign itself is displayed at the rear of the square.

Horse and Groom Square time-lapse

Views from local residents and businesses helped shape the design of the new square and architects looked at feedback following several face-to-face consultations.

Work began in June 2023, designed by Pennington Choices in partnership with FDA Landscape and Frank Shaw Associates, and was completed by NT Killingley Ltd at the beginning of October 2023.

Visit our markets page if you'd like to be a trader at the all-new Goldthorpe Market.

Towns Fund early intervention projects

A series of early intervention projects have already been completed thanks to £500,000 of Towns Fund accelerated funding. This was awarded for projects which could be achieved quickly in order to start the regeneration journey.

This initial funding was released before the full £23.1m grant was awarded.

All of these projects were drawn up in response to local priorities. They fit into the themes identified in the Town Investment Plan.

Goldthorpe Market

Theme: Growing Goldthorpe

The former Goldthorpe Market site has been cleared ready for a new use, while the market will be given a prominent new location on the high street

Plans to revitalise Goldthorpe Market by moving it to a prime location were made possible using Towns Fund investment.

The former market had seen significant decline over the years and had reduced to just one trader. In February 2021, the go-ahead was given to clear the site, and the market was relocated to a more prominent location on the high street as part of a new public square. This helped to reinvigorate both the market and the wider high street in Goldthorpe. Moving Barnsley town centre's outdoor market from a fixed site into the streets proved a great success, both for the stallholders and high street businesses.

The new market offer for Goldthorpe was shaped by a consultation from summer 2021, taking in views from Goldthorpe businesses and shoppers about what they wanted to see from a refreshed market offer.

The Horse and Groom Square on Doncaster Road – a base for the new market and a space for public events – opened in October 2023. A range of stalls can be found trading there every Thursday from 9am to 3pm.

The former market site, which is hidden from view of the main high street, has been redeveloped for energy-efficient housing.

If you'd like to be a trader, or for more information about markets, visit our markets page.

Tiny Forest

Theme: Developing Goldthorpe

Tiny Forest October 2023

A new community woodland based on the Japanese concept of Tiny Forests is thriving in the Dearne.

The 600 trees making up the Tiny Forest on the banks of Bolton on Dearne’s Brick Ponds site have shot up since being planted in 2021.

The site is close to the Dearne Playhouse and the area of the Town Investment Plan’s proposed cultural and community hub.

It has been designed to enhance the use of green spaces with health and educational benefits for the whole community.

Local school students have also been involved in the project directly.

A Tiny Forest is a very small, densely planted forest about the size of a tennis court. Earthwatch Europe is pioneering the initiative in the UK.

They are using a forestry management technique developed in Japan by Professor Akira Miyawaki in the 1970s.

Encouraging trees to grow in tightly packed formation means they fight each other for sunlight and nutrients, so they grow ten times faster than a traditional forest.

The dense, native woodland will help mitigate the effects of climate change, support urban wildlife and reconnect people with nature.

This project will also help achieve Barnsley Council’s goal of a net-zero carbon borough by 2045. It was funded through the Towns Fund accelerated projects.

Astrea Academy Dearne is a key partner in the project and students helped design the layout of the Tiny Forest. They learnt about the importance of restoring forests to address climate change at the same time.

The ongoing maintenance of this project is helped by classes from Carrfield Primary Academy who, through their guided monitoring of the site, learn about the importance of nature and the environment. Practical maintenance such as weeding is managed by Tiny Forest keepers to ensure the area is kept healthy.

Phoenix Park Active Travel

Theme: Connecting Goldthorpe

Work to improve the footpaths through Phoenix Park will help encourage more people to spend more time being active, enjoy the outdoors, and reduce the use of cars

Work to improve the footpaths through Phoenix Park will help encourage more people to spend more time being active. It will also help people to enjoy the outdoors, and reduce the use of cars.

An accessible green active travel route between Goldthorpe and Thurnscoe has been created. This runs through Phoenix Park as one of the Towns Fund accelerated projects.

Existing paths have been converted into a multi-user route suitable for cyclists, prams, pushchairs, wheelchairs and users with limited mobility.

The paths connect Goldthorpe to surrounding locations and encourage the use of green space and active travel.

Encouraging more people to take part in active travel has health and well-being benefits for local residents. It also helps to shift people away from use of cars. This helps improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.

The work to the paths is part of the Goldthorpe Town Board’s wider plans for Phoenix Park.

The High Street public square

Theme: Placemaking Goldthorpe

The former Horse and Groom pub will be demolished to create a new public square which will become home to the revitalised Goldthorpe Market

Accelerated funding from the Towns Fund enabled the purchase of a key site on the high street. This was developed to form a new public square, which is now home to the revitalised Goldthorpe Market.

The Horse and Groom pub will hold fond memories for many local people but had become severely dilapidated in the years since its closure. There was increasingly little hope of it being returned to use as a pub. Thanks to Towns Fund Accelerated Funding, the site was purchased and the building was demolished.

The new public square is a focal point on the high street. The Goldthorpe Town Board was keen to pay tribute to the history of this once thriving public house. Consultation with local residents helped gather ideas of how the Horse and Groom can be remembered. It also looked at how people would like to see the square used.

As a result, the Horse and Groom is remembered in the square with a specially-commissioned mosaic and the original pub sign can be seen towards the back of the square.

Embankment Green Space

Theme: Placemaking Goldthorpe

The train mural at the Embankment at Goldthorpe

The train mural at the Embankment at Goldthorpe

There has been further transformation of the disused railway cutting into a diverse green space for community use. This has been made possible through accelerated funding from the Towns Fund.

Works have included resurfacing of footpaths, resurfacing of walls for murals, handrails, new plants, shrubs and trees.

The embankment had become an eyesore and renowned fly-tipping hot spot. This was until a community led project sprang into action. It rejuvenated it as a green space for the community to be proud of.

The embankment is now a hotbed of community engagement and education activities.

The mural at the Embankment at Goldthorpe

The mural at the Embankment at Goldthorpe

New multi-user paths being installed at the Embankment at Goldthorpe

New multi-user paths being installed


Community projects

Goldthorpe Townscape

Theme: Storying Goldthorpe

Goldthorpe Townscape

Over the summer of 2023, young people at the Dearne IKIC (I Know I Can) Centre and Astrea Academy Dearne took part in a series of creative workshops to explore the themes of identity and place.

The workshops were delivered by local creative practitioners and were part of 'Storying Barnsley', a Cultural Development Fund engagement project.

The result is a new digital Goldthorpe Townscape made from drawings, art and photographs by the young people of Dearne. It highlights local landmarks, including sports facilities and favourite eating places.

The Heart of the Wood

Theme: Storying Goldthorpe

Heart Of The Wood cast

Production company The Big Reveal worked with Barnsley Council, The Dearne Playhouse and the schools and community of the Dearne Valley to created a spectacular of dance, music, song and drama.

Culminating in three performances at the iconic Playhouse in December 2023, the project had been developed over the previous 19 months. It starred four young actors from the local area, some of whom had never appeared on stage before. The project also included storytelling and art workshops at schools in Goldthorpe and the Dearne.

Find out more about the production and watch the 'making-of' documentary.


More information

Who is leading on the Towns Fund locally?

The Board is made up of community representatives, local businesses and councillors. There are also other regional tiers of local government with an interest in the future development of Goldthorpe.

Barnsley Council is actively involved in the Goldthorpe Town Deal. We provide professional and secretarial support, facilitates meetings and hosts the Towns Fund Goldthorpe website. The Goldthorpe Towns Fund Board are the steering and decision making body in developing the Town Investment Plan. They have ambitious ideas to transform their towns' prosperity prospects. They have a focus that embraces improved transport and connectivity, business, skills and culture opportunities.

The role of the Board is to:

  • Develop and agree an evidenced based Town Investment Plan.
  • Develop a clear programme of interventions.
  • Coordinate resources and influence stakeholders.

The Board meets eight-weekly, or as required, to discuss the development and progress of the Town Investment Plan. Find out more about the board membership, meeting agendas and minutes online.

The Town Deal Board has a document. This sets out the roles and responsibilities, governance, and decision-making processes for the Town Deal Board.

The Towns Fund Board have created a list of questions and answers about the project. You'll also find posts on social media with the tag #TownsFund #TheDearne

What does it mean for Goldthorpe?

The Dearne: Restore, Renew, Regenerate. Working together to create a thriving community where people can choose to live, invest and excel.

The Goldthorpe Town Deal is bringing at least £23.1m new investment to the Dearne Valley. This is to further enhance its economic growth, environment and heritage, improve skills and transport connectivity.

Your views have and will help shape the town's vision for the next few years. We are looking to stimulate greater economic, cultural and social wellbeing.

Read the Town Investment Plan for Goldthorpe.

What area does it cover?

The geographical scope for Goldthorpe's bid to the Towns Fund covers Goldthorpe. It also includes the wider Dearne areas of Bolton on Dearne and Thurnscoe.

What are the objectives?

These are the four over-arching Goldthorpe themes:

  • Growing Goldthorpe (Physical Growth)
  • Connecting Goldthorpe (Transport Links)
  • Developing Goldthorpe (Community and Social)
  • Placemaking (Public Realm / Environment)

How were the objectives chosen?

Historically much consultation has taken place in the Dearne. Mainly since the Dearne Valley Renaissance Market Towns (RMT) strategy was launched in late 2005/early 2006. At this time it was planned to develop a sustainable development framework for the Dearne. This would be underpinned by a Dearne Towns Charter.

Consultation took place between September 2007 and June 2010 in development of a Goldthorpe masterplan. The findings from these consultations provided support for the key projects proposed within the masterplan. Common issues raised through the stakeholder consultations were:

  • Poor physical environment in the village centre.
  • The need for improvements to Goldthorpe’s retail offer.
  • Concerns around anti-social behaviour and community safety.
  • The need to improve connectivity in and around the village, along with better public transport.
  • A lack of community facilities and spaces.
  • Few local activities and facilities for young people.

Goldthorpe’s vision was to be the commercial hub and market centre for the surrounding villages and wider Dearne valley. The primary objective of the masterplan was to consolidate and improve the retail offer of the village. This in turn ensure its future viability and sustainability.

Key themes of the final masterplan were:

  • Regenerating the Village Core:
    • Including public realm Improvements, creation of a public square and shop front enveloping refurbishment. Part of the ambition has been realised with the 2018 launch of the Principal Towns shop front scheme. This is available to independent businesses across the Dearne.
  • New school
    • A new larger primary school was needed within the heart of the village. This was to replace the inadequate existing school and to respond to the future growth of Goldthorpe. This ambition was achieved in September 2016 when the new school opened its doors to pupils for the first time.
  • Better Housing
    • Improving the quality of housing stock and living conditions for residents within the Dearne valley. This includes the Beever Street redevelopment and new bungalow development for older persons. Part of the ambition in Goldthorpe was realised with the bungalow development on Beever Street. This welcomed its first residents in 2019.
  • Green Space and Connections
    • To develop a high quality, interconnected network of spaces and a green infrastructure. This is for visual amenity, recreational activity and ecology/habitat creation. The Embankment project in Goldthorpe is a great success story and opened in September 2019. It showcased great community spirit and dedication in transforming the once blighted area into a wonderful community space.
  • Celebrating Goldthorpe
    • Celebrate Goldthorpe’s historical and cultural heritage and create a stronger identity through new landmarks and focal points of interest

More recently in mid-2019, local community consultation was carried out by the Dearne Integrated Well-Being team. It included questions to help us understand what residents loved about the area they lived. It also asked what they would like to see improved.

Since that consultation the Government launched #MyTown in October 2019. This gives residents the opportunity to put forward their ideas including:

  • How to improve skills and transport.
  • Create new jobs.
  • Regenerate their local community.

It draws on issues and themes raised by the local community in previous consultations already described. It also pulls from #MyTown Goldthorpe to develop a themed Town Investment Plan. This addresses the concerns residents have raised. It builds on the issues that are important. It is also one that will see Goldthorpe and the Dearne become an area where more people choose to live.

How does the Towns Fund Deal fit in with other projects in the borough?

These are the other current schemes which also aim to enhance and improve the area:

The Future High Street Fund. This is a competitive fund awarded to high streets and town centres. It is for those that are seeking to combat the decline of the traditional retail environment. Barnsley town centre has been identified as being eligible for the competitive funding. The Council is actively participating in the process.

Heritage Area Action Zone Eldon Street. The Eldon Street High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) is an exciting four-year partnership between Barnsley Museums and Historic England. It will restore and revitalise historic properties on Eldon Street, once a vibrant commercial and cultural centre for the town. The HSHAZ will work with local people and stakeholders. They will explore and celebrate the rich stories and heritage of Eldon Street. This is part of the wider town centre redevelopment.

Heritage Area Action Zone Elsecar: launched in 2017 this was one of the first Heritage Action Zones (HAZ) in the country. it has been a successful three-year partnership between Barnsley Museums and Historic England. It focused on Elsecar, a model industrial village established by the Earl Fitzwilliam of Wentworth Woodhouse in the 1790s. The HAZ has worked with local people to research and celebrate Elsecar's amazing story and the village's unique heritage. The project has also helped to guide plans for future development. It has also established Elsecar's future potential as part of the region's growing visitor and tourism economy.  

Support for businesses

A range of support is available to businesses in the local area. This includes support and advice for those looking to start their own business.

Find out more from:

Have your say... Your opinion counts...

Your opinion is crucial to our success: This is your opportunity to have your say.

Why is my opinion still important?

It is important that all sections of the community say how they think the town can grow and improve. The contributions of a large number of individuals makes for a better, active and more dynamic town.

The Goldthorpe Towns Fund Deal is on track to help create an exciting, brighter future based on major new investment. This is thanks to your valuable feedback and contributions so far. 

Further consultation based on the four themes of Growing, Connecting, Developing and Placemaking has now taken place. This closed at midnight on 13 September 2020. The results can be views below in the news and updates. 

How can individuals give their opinions?

You can contribute to the social media exchanges on X for Goldthorpe #TownsFund #TheDearne. You can also give your view at the Barnsley Council Facebook site or email us at

Email and ask us to add you to our mailing list. You will then receive updates about consultations, events and project milestones.

I have a question not answered here … how do I raise it?

By email please to

What are the Towns Fund timescales?

An announcement was made that the Towns Fund programme would be granted an additional submission date. After this, the Towns Fund Board agreed to enter cohort 2a. This means they submit final proposals to the government by 11 December 2020.

The stages are:

  • June 2020: review of supporting evidence and further consideration and scrutiny of the project
  • July 2020: plans developed
  • August 2020: blueprint produced
  • August 2020 end: submission of the draft Towns Fund plans for Goldthorpe
  • September 2020: consultation of Investment Plan themes and working up and revision of the draft plan
  • October/November 2020: Final drafting of the plan documents
  • December 2020: the Towns Fund Investment Plan is completed and passed through our approvals process
  • 11 December 2020: the Towns Fund Investment Plan is submitted for consideration to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG)
  • 4 March 2021: £23.1m investment in the Dearne Valley approved
  • May 2021: confirm to the MHCLG which projects are being taken forward
  • April 2022: to develop and approve individual project business cases and submission of a summary document to MHCLG
  • Funding released: following business cases and submission of MHCLG summary document
  • 2022 to 2025 to 2026: project delivery

News and updates

3 November 2023 - Tickets on sale for exciting new production putting young actors centre stage

Tickets are now on sale for a pioneering new musical casting Barnsley youngsters in leading roles and bringing together musicians, dancers and singers from across the Dearne Valley.

The community musical production 'The Heart of the Wood' is coming to the Dearne Playhouse from 8 to 10 December.

In The Heart of the Wood, a brother and sister take a magical journey millions of years back in time to the land where the coal their grandad used to mine was formed.

Following an open casting call, performing arts company The Big Reveal cast four young actors from the local area. Joe Easton and Quinn Plews are sharing the role of Jake, while Maisie Boyd and Kira Powell will both play Joe’s sister Megan.

Rehearsals are progressing well for the production, which is supported by Barnsley Council, the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, and by the UK Government’s Towns Fund through the Goldthorpe Town Deal Board.

The young actors are being supported by The Big Reveal team: professional theatre director Matthew Sharp, musical director David Burridge, writer Martin Riley and filmmaker and designer John Coombes.

They'll perform alongside Barnsley Metropolitan Band, the Kim Frost School of Dance, Thurnscoe Harmonic Male Voice Choir, the Barnburgh Village Singers and choirs from local schools.

Priced at just £2, tickets can be purchased through the Dearne Playhouse website and you can read more in our news article.

Graphic Showing Artwork Relating The Production Alongside The Text 'The Heart Of The Wood Tickets Now On Sale'

12 October 2023 - Goldthorpe’s exciting new town square is now open

A new town square bringing hope of a bright future to the heart of Goldthorpe has been officially opened.

The Heart of Goldthorpe hosts a market every Thursday, 9am to 3pm, and provides a new space for public events, as well as a place for people to walk and relax.

The Mayor of Barnsley, Cllr James Michael Stowe, cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony also attended by members of the Goldthorpe Town Deal Board.

The former Horse and Groom pub, which had become disused and unsafe, was demolished as part of the project.

It's remembered in the square with a specially-designed mosaic inspired by the Horse and Groom pub sign, while the sign itself is displayed at the rear of the square.

Read the full story in our news article.

The Mayor Cutting The Ribbon At The Official Opening Of The Town Square

25 September 2023 – Call for traders to join our new Goldthorpe Market

The call has gone out for traders looking to open a stall on our new Goldthorpe Market. Start-up grants are available for traders signing up for the market in the new Heart of Goldthorpe square.

Visit our outdoor markets webpage for more information.

Graphic Including The Text Grants Of £2,000 Are On Offer To Traders At Goldthorpe's New Market Square

28 June 2023 – Call out for young performers

A community musical production is coming to the Dearne Playhouse Theatre later this year and the casting call is now open for young performers to take the starring roles.

Performing arts company The Big Reveal is looking for young amateur actors from Goldthorpe, Thurnscoe or Bolton Upon Dearne to help bring their amazing story, Heart of the Wood, to life.

The production is supported by Barnsley Council, Coalfields Regeneration England, and the UK Government’s Towns Fund through Goldthorpe Town Board. It will take place in early December at the Dearne Playhouse, which is being refurbished through Towns Fund investment. Producers need a girl aged between 12 and 16 to play the starring role of Megan, and a boy aged 9-11 to play her brother Jake.

They will be helped by professional directors and perform alongside the Barnsley Metropolitan Band, the Kim Frost School of Dance, Thurnscoe Male Voice Choir, local school, and community singers and two storytellers. Rehearsals will take place from September onwards, with final rehearsals at the Playhouse from 2 to 8 December ahead of public performances on the evening of Friday 8 and afternoons of Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 December.

Open auditions will take place on Saturday, 8 July, at the IKIC Youth Centre in Goldthorpe in the morning, and at the Prospect Centre in Thurnscoe in the afternoon. Children attending must be accompanied by a responsible adult. For more information and to book a time in advance please contact writer Martin Riley at with the name and age of the children, the part they wish to audition for, and any relevant experience.

Two children looking at a painting of a dinosaur

12 June 2023 - New council houses progressing well

Work is progressing well on nine new energy-efficient council houses which will include all-electric heating, solar panels, and batteries to store as much energy from the sun as possible.

The new homes in Goldthorpe are a mix of bungalows and houses. They will be built to the council’s energy-efficient specification. This includes electric air source heat pumps providing heat and hot water, and solar panels and batteries to take advantage of renewable energy. Storing the electricity in batteries means the residents will benefit from power from the sun even when the sun isn’t shining.

The council has secured more than £23.1m investment to Regenerate, Renew and Revitalise Goldthorpe, Thurnscoe and Bolton upon Dearne through the government’s Towns Fund. Part of this includes a new town square at the heart of Goldthorpe which provides a more prominent location for the market.

This allowed the former market site on Market Street to be developed for high-quality council housing. Funding to support this came from the Towns Fund early intervention funding. This was funding made available in advance before Goldthorpe was awarded its main £23.1m Towns Fund investment.

A new area of public green space within the development will link to the adjacent terraced streets where further Towns Fund investment is planned to improve the local area.

New houses being built in Goldthorpe

31 May 2023 - New Town Square for the Heart of Goldthorpe

Work begins next week on the exciting development of a new town square in Goldthorpe as part of the £23.1m Towns Fund investment.

The Heart of Goldthorpe project is one of the five main Towns Fund projects. It will be the heart of the community and a place for people to linger, relax, socialise and find peace.

The works will include hard and soft landscaping with curved planting beds, informal seating and contrasting paving patterns where children might play. There will be an area for reflection and a space which will host the new market. It will also host a variety of community events.

Views from local residents and businesses have helped shape the design of the new square. Architects looked at feedback following several face-to-face consultations on the site and in the library, and through an online survey.

We have now appointed N T Killingley Ltd to carry out the works. They will begin setting up the site on Monday 5 June with preparations for the work continuing throughout June.

Paving, edgings and Market Stall bases will be fitted throughout July and the planters will be installed in August. Planting and the fitting of benches is planned for the end of August. It is hoped all work will be completed by September.

Towns Fund investment in Goldthorpe, Thurnscoe and Bolton upon Dearne supports Barnsley Council’s investment work in Principal Towns and Local Centres which is helping local high streets thrive across the borough.

Proposed look on new town square in Goldthorpe

16 December 2022 - Help and support for businesses

A free breakfast event is being held in Goldthorpe. This is so that local business owners, staff members and the self-employed can find out more about the Towns Fund. They can also find out about the variety of other support available to businesses in the local area.

The event is open to anyone who either owns or works for a local business, or is thinking about starting a business. The Towns Fund is a unique opportunity. This is a chance for the local business community to find out more about it.

The event is being held early and in the local area so you can attend and still make it to work before 9am.

Please come along to Goldthorpe Parish Hall, Lockwood Road, S63 9JY. It'll be from 7.45am to 8.30am on Friday 16 December.

A free breakfast will be provided. If you plan to attend, please let us know by emailing

2 June 2022 - Market stalls return to Goldthorpe

Market stalls are returning to Goldthorpe from June to December. They offer a taste of what’s to come when the high street is transformed as part of the £23.1m Towns Fund investment.

You will find a range of traders on the former Horse and Groom site from 9am to 3pm.

Find out more as market stalls return to Goldthorpe.

11 May 2022 - Major £23.1m investment projects for Dearne Valley

Five major projects have been submitted to government for approval. These will help regenerate, renew, and revitalise Goldthorpe, Thurnscoe and Bolton upon Dearne as part of a £23.1m investment.

Goldthorpe was one of 101 towns invited to bid for Towns Fund investment. This was to help:

  • Improve skills, digital and transport connectivity.
  • Create new jobs.
  • Raise aspiration.
  • Revitalise the economic prospects of the area.

Towns Fund investment of £23.1m was approved in principle by the UK Government in March 2021.

Full business cases for these five major projects have now been prepared and approved by Barnsley Council’s Cabinet.  You can read the Towns Fund Cabinet report.  Please note financial information has been removed due to ongoing commercial sensitivity until all contract tendering processes are complete.  These have now been submitted to the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC). They will then release the £23.1m investment.

Read more in our press release.

26 February 2022 – Heart of Goldthorpe Engagement Session

On Saturday 26 February 2022, artist Dan Jones undertook a community engagement session. This was held on the old Horse and Groom pub site in the heart of Goldthorpe.

During the five-hour session, about 25 children and 30 adults engaged in a drawing activity. They were asked  to sketch out ideas for the sort of new public square they’d like to see on the site. The aim was to gather ideas for the development of the site. It also served to get a feel for the wants and needs of the community.

They did this on a large easel mounted on top of a trailer.

Their feedback will be shared with contractors who will be asked to submit their designs for the square. This will be added to the variety of feedback we’ve already collected from local residents, businesses and organisations.

Heart of Goldthorpe engagement session

15 February 2022 - New access/roundabout located off the A635 Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe

The new access/roundabout will provide access to the new employment site (ES10). This will provide business growth and job opportunities in the area.

Planning approval for the scheme was granted on 15 February 2022.

This was outlined in the Goldthorpe masterplan framework. The masterplan was adopted by Full Council on 30 September 2021 and will support the work of the Towns Fund projects.

Find out more about the M1 junction 36 scheme.

5 January 2022 - New energy efficient housing plans set for approval

Nine new properties will be the first new buildings made possible. This is thanks to more than £23.1m investment in Goldthorpe through the UK Government’s Towns Fund. The build costs will be funded through Section 106, but the site has been made available thanks to the Towns Fund. Read more about the new energy efficient housing plans.

14 October 2021 - Demolition of former pub to make way for exciting future use

Demolition of the former Horse and Groom pub is making way for the development of a new town square. This is part of the £23.1m Towns Fund investment. Read more about how the demolition is making way for exciting future use.

11 August 2021 - First projects from £23.1m Towns Fund investment complete

The first wave of projects have been completed. This is part of more than £23.1m investment in Goldthorpe, Thurnscoe and Bolton upon Dearne through the Towns Fund. Find out about the completed projects.

4 March 2021 - £23.1m investment in the Dearne Valley approved

Read all about the £23.1m investment in the Dearne Valley in our press release. 

16 February 2021 - Tiny Forest heading to Goldthorpe

Towns Fund investment has supported a very small, densely planted forest. This is about the size of a tennis court and is to be planted at Goldthorpe. 
Find out more about Goldthorpe's tiny forest.

18 February 2021 - Goldthorpe Market on the move

Plans to revitalise Goldthorpe Market by moving it to a prime location on the high street are supported by the Towns Fund.
Find out more about Goldthorpe Market.

14 December 2020 - Town Investment Plan Submitted

The Goldthorpe Town Investment Plan was submitted to Government on Friday 11 December where it will be assessed. It is expected to take 2-3 months before the Town Board receive any feedback.

24 November 2020 - Funding bid of more than £25m for Dearne Valley to be submitted

Cabinet asked to approve an exciting and ambitious bid. This was to secure multi-million-pound investment into the future of Goldthorpe, Thurnscoe and Bolton upon Dearne. Find out more about the funding big for Dearne Valley.

28 October 2020 - Results of Towns Fund 'Have Your Say' Consultation 28 August to 13 September 2020

Outcomes from the consultation were very positive and wholeheartedly supportive of the proposed themes. This can be seen from the data below. Specific comments and suggestions left by participants have been included in the Investment Plan. This is to demonstrate the support and show that some of the ideas generated have been carried through into project proposals.

Growing: Develop projects to facilitate more employment opportunities and improve the choice and quality of housing available in the area: 

  • 92% in favour
  • 8% against

Connecting: Develop projects to improve links to public transport and facilitate active travel (walking and cycling):

  • 87% in favour
  • 13% against

Developing: Include projects to help develop more community and social amenities:

  • 93% in favour
  • 7% against

Placemaking: Develop projects to improve the environment in the Dearne villages. Create a sense of place that is well kept and cared for:

  • 98% in favour
  • 2% against

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