We carry out roadworks as part of the essential repair and improvement of our roads.

Public utility companies also carry out roadworks to maintain essential gas, water, electricity and phone services. Some of these works will require the use of:

You can download a list of current roadworks that may cause delays. You can also view the Barnsley roadworks map on the website.

Getting permission to carry out roadworks

You must have a legal right (as a 'statutory undertaker') to carry out works on a road. If you don't, you must get a licence from us to do so. You can read more about this on our licences for roadworks page.

Section 58 notices

Section 58 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 is a legal notice. It's served on all the 'statutory undertakers' who carry out work in the Barnsley area. Statutory undertakers can include companies like National Grid, Northern Gas Networks, BT, Northern Powergrid, Yorkshire Water and Virgin Media. 

The notice allows us to protect sections of the highway from certain works. This is following substantial roadworks, such as resurfacing or reconstruction.

We provide advance notice of these restrictions. This is so that works promoters can arrange to carry out their work before one comes into force. This process promotes better works planning. It also minimises disruption to road users and helps to prolong the life of the roads.

The restrictions can last up to five years following the completion of the works. Certain works are exempt from the Section 58 restriction. Such as emergency works for gas escapes and the installation of new services.

You can view Section 58 restrictions by choosing:

  • customise my map
  • operational information
  • Section 58 restrictions

Frequently asked questions about roadworks

Why are roadworks needed?

We work with partners who sometimes need to carry out roadworks to bring:

  • better broadband for residents and businesses
  • better water, gas and electricity supplies
  • Improved traffic levels, providing better air quality

What projects are currently going on?

Each week our highways team carry out hundreds of roadworks. You can view all our current roadworks on our roadworks map.

We have lots of master planning projects going on across Barnsley. CityFibre are also working hard across the borough to improve our network and capacity.

Why are multiple roadworks carried out at the same time?

Sometimes utility works are carried out at the same time as resurfacing work. This is so the new surface doesn't need to be dug up. Some works have multiple workstreams, such as a utility diversion that may involve several sites nearby.

We try to ensure multiple works don't happen too close to each other.

Why do roadworks sometimes get delayed?

Delays can be caused by:

  • emergencies that we have to respond too
  • engineering difficulties
  • contractor delays

Why do whole streets get closed?

We only close roads when is it necessary to carry our work.

Works may take up the full width of the road and therefore a closure is the only option.

How are roadworks prioritised?

Our assets team surveys roads and builds a programme of resurfacing works needed in order of priority. Work carried out by utility companies often has its own permit and work schedule.

We try to do our work when the roads be will quiet, such as over the school holidays.

We often meet with partners to encourage advance planning and coordination but emergencies always take priority.

Why can’t roadworks be carried out at night?

When working overnight we must consider:

  • traffic management and vehicle movements during the night
  • noise and disruption to our residents
  • the level of lighting
  • outage of water, electricity and broadband
  • that emergencies during night work may be harder to respond to