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Course content

This course will give you an understanding of cyber crime. It covers how this could impact you at home or affect you in the workplace. It will also raise your awareness of the risks and effects it has on you and others.

You'll explore the methods used to maintain cyber security, including:

  • the principles of vulnerability
  • penetration testing
  • user access control

These are things that organisations do behind the scenes to protect you. You'll also learn about what you can do to protect yourself.

You'll explore legislation and codes of conduct which are relevant to cyber security.

This is an accredited course. After you've completed the five tasks you'll achieve an Award in Cyber Security Level 1 (Gateway Qualifications).

This course will enable you to:

Know about cyber crime

  • Identify the forms of cyber crime and possible motives for this.
  • Outline how cyber crime can affect users and organisations.
  • Describe the tactics cyber criminals use to defraud people.

Know about protective methods to maintain cyber security

  • Identify the routine protective methods and ways to maintain cyber security.
  • State and know the importance of cyber security testing.
  • Set up user access controls to protect you and your data.

Know about legislation and codes of conduct for cyber security

  • Know the protections for and the responsibility of users and organisations as set out in key legislation.
  • Describe ethical and unethical conduct in relation to cyber security.

You'll also build the following skills for work:

  • Working as part of a team, sharing ideas and helping peers to complete a task.
  • Having a good attitude to plan your own work and complete it within a set timeframe.
  • Be a good listener and follow instructions.
  • Be able to adapt the way you work when things change or if you need to switch tasks quickly.
  • Be resilient and be able to stick with a task. Even if things don’t go to plan you should learn from setbacks.
  • Develop your literacy and numeracy skills.

Course delivery

  • 4 x 3 hour face to face sessions.
  • There's the chance to complete the course via distance learning after the first face to face session.
  • Tutor support via Teams messaging.
  • This is an accredited course. You'll need to to complete a portfolio for each of the five units. 

What you need

  • Access to a mobile phone, tablet or laptop with internet access, although this is not essential. A Microsoft 365 account will be provided.
  • Time – you need to complete each unit and submit it before the next session.
  • To attend all sessions unless you're completing the course via distance learning. (You must still attend the first session in person.)

Entry requirements

It is essential that you: 

  • Have a commitment to learning and are able to commit to independent work outside of the session.
  • Are getting ready for, looking for or moving on in work.
  • Have time management and oral skills.
  • Have basic digital skills to complete and submit work via an online platform (Teams for Education).
  • Have a good level of literacy to be able to complete the assessments.

You need to have already completed one of the following with us:

  • Information, advice and guidance session with and initial assessment on the BKSB Software
  • Getting Started with Digital Skills. Or
  • Setting up Office 365

Course fees

The fee for this course is £67.50. This includes all course resources.

Fee remission is available if you receive a means tested benefits or are on a low income. Please ask us for more details.

How to apply


  • Functional Digital Skills E3, L1
  • Digital Skills in Workplace (E3)
  • Digital and ICT Level 1, Level 2

Hear from some of our learners

  • I learnt how to identify scams and how to respond to emails. I learnt about terms of use eg vishing, smishing, phishing and pharming.
    Adult learner