Adult Skills and Community Learning

This course is ideal for those who need to build confidence and resilience when communicating. You'll gain an understanding of how important listening skills are, and become more aware of how body language and communication skills can affect the outcome of interactions.

Different forms of communication will be explored. This includes face to face, phone and online interactions. You'll also find out how to take messages or notes effectively.

No previous experience is needed for this course. You just need a willingness to want to improve your skills, especially if you're wanting to work in employment that deals with members of the public

You must have a relatively good level of literacy as you'll need to complete five written assignments of about 500 words each. We'll support you to do this, so don’t let this be a barrier.

The course is accredited and after a successful assessment you'll gain a Level 1 certificate for introduction to customer service.

This course will enable you to:

Develop and show your customer service skills in the following areas:

  • Different roles that benefit from customer service skills.
  • Legislation, regulation and procedures that are important in customer service.
  • How to deal with queries and requests.
  • How to deal with customers face to face, over the phone and online.

Assessment is portfolio based. This consists of five written assignments, each one of about 500 words. There will also be three observations to support your skills and knowledge.

You'll also develop the following skills for work:

  • Working as part of a team, sharing ideas and motivating peers to complete a task.
  • Having a positive attitude to plan your own work and complete it within a set time frame.
  • Being a good listener and following instructions accurately.
  • Being able to adapt the way you work when things change or if you need to switch tasks quickly.
  • Resilience and the ability to stick with a task, even if things don’t go to plan. To be able to learn from setbacks.
  • Develop your literacy and numeracy skills.

Course delivery

  • One day a week for 12 weeks.
  • Sessions are face to face in a classroom.

Expectations and support 

  • To complete a minimum of one hour of tasks between each session.
  • To complete five written assignments of about 500 words each.
  • To be observed carrying out customer service tasks at least three times.
  • Tutor and peer support using Teams. This is an online tool where you will access resources, take part in discussions, and submit work.

What you need

  • A mobile phone to verify your Office 365 account.
  • Access to a laptop, desktop computer or similar to complete your work. You don't need Microsoft Office before the start of the course as you'll be given full access to an Office 365 account at the first session.
  • A folder, paper or notebook, and a pen.
  • To attend all sessions.

Entry requirements

You'll have already completed an information, advice and guidance session with us, and an initial assessment on the BKSB software.

The level that you study will be determined by your initial assessment results. 

Course fees

The fee for this course is £309. This includes all course resources.

Fee remission is available if you're in receipt of means tested benefits or on a low income. Please contact us for more details.

How to apply


  • Digital Skills in the Workplace – Entry 3
  • Digital and ICT Skills (cyber security included) - Level 1 or Level 2
  • Essential Digital Skills for work and life – Entry 3
  • Essential Digital Skills for work and life – Level 1

What our learners say

  • I could never make and keep eye contact when having conversations but I am much more confident doing this now.
    Adult learner
  • I think it has helped me in my work role as I think about how I am dealing with customers. I write things down now and when I am on the telephone, I'm conscious of my body language. I'm aware of how I portray myself to customers.
    Adult learner