Ask us to collect large unwanted items

You can arrange for us to pick up unwanted items that are too large to put in your bin. There's a charge per item and we'll take up to 12 things in one collection. You'll need to apply and pay online for this service. 

You can find a full list of what we'll collect here and in the form below. We'll only collect the items that are on the list.  

We'll pick your items up within 10 working days of you sending us the form, it can take longer if there's a bank holiday. We won't be able to tell you the day and time we're coming, so please make sure you leave your items outside your home as soon as you've received confirmation of your order. 

You'll need to make sure your things are easy for us to access and that you haven't blocked a pavement or road. We won't return to pick anything up that you didn't put outside in time or that we couldn't access, for example if it was behind a locked gate. 


 Our charges for this service are: 

  • £10 for one item*
  • £20 for two to four items
  • £25 for five items
  • £30 for six to eight items
  • £35 for nine items
  • £40 for ten to 12 items

*If you need to dismantle something, such as a wardrobe, we'll still count it as one item.

Before you begin 

Before you ask us to take your things away, you could consider other ways to get rid of them for free:

If you're using our collection service please make sure you've read the list of items we'll take above before you fill in the form, we won't take anything that isn't on the list.

You pay for this service online, so you'll need your payment details with you to complete your order.

There's an extra 2.2% charge if you're paying by credit card.