Joining Forces

As part of our borough-wide initiative to help provide reassurance and keep residents safe, we're 'Joining Forces' with our key partners.

Joining Forces brings together key members of staff from the council and South Yorkshire Police. As part of the move, South Yorkshire Police's safer neighbourhood service along with our markets and parking services will be based at the Glass Works. This allows the delivery of our partnership approach from a central location at the heart of the town centre redevelopment.

Our partners

Through our Joining Forces campaign we work together with partners including:

Neighbourhood Wardens

Our seven Neighbourhood Wardens work to help deter low-level criminality, environmental offences, and anti-social behaviour.

Working with our partners, they can offer advice and support if you have any concerns in your community.

They work with communities to promote unity and help communities and neighbourhoods to identify and resolve problems and have enforcement powers on littering, fly-tipping, and public space protection orders.

Town Centre Wardens

Our Town Centre Wardens patrol the town centre to prevent low-level criminality, environmental offences, and anti-social behaviour.

Our wardens have the power to enforce the Barnsley Public Space Protection Order and Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN's) but will try to use low-level resolution first.

Their role is ambassadorial and they offer advice and support to those who need it including locating vehicles and offering directions.

Barnsley's Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)

Barnsley town centre currently has a Public Space Protection Order in place, which gives the police, the council and other accredited officers additional powers to deal with low-level anti-social behaviour. Having a town centre PSPO in place is part of the ongoing Joining Forces work to ensure Barnsley continues to be a safe, inclusive and attractive place to visit.

Both our town centre and Neighbourhood Wardens have accredited power to enforce under the PSPO.

Find out more about Barnsley's PSPO

In the video below, Paul, one of our Town Centre Wardens talks about his role in enforcing the town centre Public Space Protection Order.

What this means for you

You'll see more uniformed services under the Joining Forces banner, reflecting our joined-up approach to improving security and safety, as well as providing reassurance, support and advice.

Joining Forces

Joining Forces in Barnsley town centre

Joining forces brings together Barnsley Council, South Yorkshire Police and other partners to make Barnsley a safe and welcoming town for our residents and visitors. We have a centralised team based at The Glass Works at the heart of the town centre redevelopment.

Safer Neighbourhood Service

The Safer Neighbourhood Service, brings together Barnsley Council, South Yorkshire Police, housing, commissioning support providers, and other key organisations.

Homelessness and recovery steps

Anti-social behaviour awareness week

We're supporting ASB Awareness Week running from Monday 18 July to Sunday 24 July.  ASB Awareness Week 2022 aims to encourage communities to take a stand against Anti Social Behaviour and highlight actions that can be taken by those experiencing it.

We continue to work with partners from South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and Berneslai Homes to keep Barnsley and our communities safe.

Report something to us

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Barnsley town centre neighbourhood newsletter - August 2022

Joining Forces in Barnsley town centre

Police and Communities Together (PACT) meeting

The central Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) are continuing to post on their Facebook page, Twitter account (@BarnsCentralNPT) and on SYP Alerts.

We've been carrying out street surgeries outside; dates of these are posted on the team’s social media channels. If you see your constables and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) out on foot, please stop us for a chat. 

For incidents and crimes that are ongoing, phone 101 or 999 as applicable.

Crime and antisocial behaviour update - 'you said, we did'

You said: There are issues with illegal drug dealing/use in our area.

We did: Due to intelligence-led information from the Central team and Barnsley Council colleagues, on 11 August, officers raided a business premise on Wellington Street in Barnsley town centre. More than 130 cannabis plants were discovered growing in four rooms. The electricity had been bypassed and was made safe.

All the plants were seized for evidence and destruction. An investigation into the cultivation of cannabis, a Class B drug, is ongoing.

Offenders brought to justice

Arrested: town centre offender appeared at Barnsley Magistrates Court 

John Smith, 54 of Rowan Close, Worsbrough, appeared at Barnsley Magistrates Court on 10 August in relation to racially aggravated public order offences and being drunk and disorderly in a public place.

Mr Smith had also previously received several dispersal notices and fines for anti-social behaviour in the town centre. He received an 18-month Conditional Discharge and a two-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO), prohibiting him from entering the town centre except for pre-arranged appointments and transport purposes. 

Several arrests of town centre offenders

This month, the Barnsley Central team have made several arrests of people who were wanted for committing public order offences (PSPOs) or were found in possession of controlled drugs.

The team continue to issue Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) and Community Protection Notices (CPNs) to those who behave in an anti-social manner or are found drinking alcohol on the streets.

What your neighbourhood team have been doing

Thursday 11 August saw Barnsley Central NPT joining forces with lots of services from the emergency and council sectors. We were also joined by the British Army, the Barnsley FC Reds in the Community initiative, and SYP’s star attraction on the day - OK9 Wellbeing dog Barney.

The event was a fantastic success, especially with families who were introduced to stalls, vehicles and service equipment.

Neighbourhood team

Contraband Tobacco Operation

On 12 August, Barnsley Central NPT worked with Trading Standards team, as well as tobacco detection dog Pippa from Wagtail UK Ltd. They undertook an operation to seize contraband cigarettes that were being sold illegally in the Barnsley borough.

A total of 43,120 cigarettes and 330 HRT tobacco products were seized at a premise in the town centre. Some of the contraband cigarettes that have previously been seized and tested have been found to contain other substances such as arsenic and ammonia.

Barnsley Council Safer Neighbourhood Services news

Joint CCTV led operation 

Barnsley Council and South Yorkshire Police have joined forces on a new operation which is led by officers closely monitoring Barnsley town centre’s cctv cameras looking for people who are acting suspiciously or in an anti-social manner. 

Uniformed officers are out on patrol and can be quickly sent to a location to deal with any arising issues.  The operations started in July and will continue going forward. 

CCTV helping us to fight crime

Separate to the above operations, two males were recently spotted on camera carrying out a drug deal in a town centre car park.  Officers were deployed but before they arrived, the males had left the car park so they were tracked through town on camera and the officers were kept up to date on their whereabouts.  They were stopped and searched on Market Hill and arrested for drug offences.

Crime prevention advice

The South Yorkshire Police website has lots of crime prevention advice you can browse.

Keeping in touch

If you need to get in touch, you can contact us in the following ways:

South Yorkshire Police (SYP) Alerts

SYP Alerts is a messaging system brought to you by South Yorkshire Police for our communities.

By registering with SYP Alerts you can choose to receive news and appeals, local crime information and/or prevention advice – direct to you by email, text or voice message. You can also receive messages on joint initiative work from Joining Forces partner organisations.

Registering for alerts is free and after signing up you can chose how you want to receive messages and what you want to receive them about.

Watch this video to learn more about SYP Alerts, or register below.

Find out more

  • Anti-social behaviour
    Behaviour that causes harassment, alarm or distress to other people living in your neighbourhood.

  • Crime prevention
    Staying safe when you're out and about, on public transport or using a cash machine.

  • Safer Barnsley Partnership
    A multi-agency partnership working to make Barnsley a safer place for local people and communities by tackling crime, anti-social behaviour, substance misuse and re-offending.

  • Safer neighbourhood teams
    Teams that police communities and respond to neighbourhood issues, such as anti-social behaviour.

  • Vehicle seizures for waste crimes
    Details of vehicles we've seized that are being, have been or will be used to commit a waste crime such as fly-tipping.