Building Control

Our highways service controls the demolition of buildings in the interests of safety and to make sure there's as little disturbance or inconvenience as possible to the public or people in nearby properties.

You can report emergency demolition problems or report a dangerous structure to us on (01226) 773555 (24 hour).

If you start demolition work without the appropriate licence we can prosecute you.

Apply for a licence

Not all demolition requires a licence; if you're not sure if you need one please contact us for advice before you apply. 

To apply for a licence you'll need to give us six weeks notice by:

  • downloading and filling in our notice of demolition form or asking us to send you one in the post
  • enclosing a cheque for £300 for the cost of the licence, or arranging a payment to us through BACS (please ask us for our reference number)
  • sending a copy of the notice of demolition form to the occupiers of neighbouring buildings
  • sending a copy to the gas and electricity providers so that their services can be safely disconnected before any demolition work begins

We'll then send you a demolition notice about four to six weeks after we receive your completed form. It's also known as a Section 81 notice of the Building Act 1984.

This will list the steps you need to take during the demolition work to maintain public safety and amenity. We may also give you a set of conditions that you must comply with along with a time limit.

Important information

You must not begin any demolition work until you've returned your notice of demolition form and:

  • we've issued a demolition notice; or
  • it's six weeks since you gave notice 


We'll take enforcement action against anyone who begins demolition work without giving the correct notice, or who doesn't comply with any of the conditions set by us.  

This could result in a fine of up to £2500 and a criminal conviction.

Further information

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