Barnsley Permit Scheme

The Barnsley Permit Scheme is designed to minimise any delay and disruption to road users caused by roadworks.

This scheme applies to all streets in Barnsley.

More details about the scheme is included in our supplementary information.

Who needs a permit

Anyone carrying out works in a permit street must apply for a permit. It sets out how they'll minimise disruption to road users and pedestrians throughout the period of the works. This includes utility companies and Barnsley Council and it's partners. 

A permit isn't needed for activities involving builders’ skips and scaffolding, where the existing arrangements will be maintained.

Charges and payment

We review our permit fees every year - the current fees are listed below.

We'll invoice you monthly for the cost, which you can pay by debit or credit card.

Permit fees

Type PAA Major Standard Minor Immediate Variation
Type 1/2 and T/S streets £105 £240 £130 £65 £60 £45
Type 3/4 and non-T/S streets £75 £150 £75 £45 £40 £35

Conditions relating to immediate works

During the period between you starting the roadworks and your permit being granted, you have to carry out a number of activities. There are certain conditions that apply to these immediate activities, which you have to meet.

Ask us about the scheme

If you can't find the details you need in the documents below, you can ask us any questions about the scheme. You can do this by using our online enquiry form.

 Additional information about the scheme

Permit scheme deregulation information