Equality and diversity

We recognise that all individuals have fundamental human rights and welcome the diversity of the community living, working and learning in the borough.

As a service provider and major employer, we're committed to promoting equality and tackling social exclusion by:

  • eliminating unlawful discrimination
  • promoting equality of opportunity
  • promoting good relations between all groups, irrespective of their disability, race, sex, religion or belief, sexual orientation, trans gender status, age or marital status

As a provider of services, we'll develop and provide relevant, appropriate and accessible services to meet the needs of the diverse community.

As an employer, we'll value the contribution of every employee and respect their individual differences. We'll try our best to eliminate unjustifiable discrimination and promote equality in employment, training and access to employee benefits, and services.

As a partner, we'll highlight the needs and requirements of individuals facing discrimination, take a strategic lead in challenging discriminatory practices and policies, and enter into agreements and partnerships that actively promote equality and social inclusion.

We'll also operate monitoring and evaluation systems to ensure that the impact of services and policies, and the needs and requirements of customers and employees, are identified and addressed appropriately.

Our policies

Our Equality and Diversity Policy sets out our commitment, together with the specific responsibilities of employees, managers and elected members in implementing the policy and in meeting our public sector equality duty.

Our Equality Strategy explains how we'll put our policy and public sector equality duty into practice.

The law

The Equality Act 2010 replaces previous anti-discrimination legislation. It removes inconsistencies, simplifies the law and makes it easier to follow. The Equality Act's Public Sector Equality Duty came into force on 5 April 2011. This duty:

  • requires all public bodies to play their part in making society fairer by tackling discrimination and providing equality of opportunity for all;
  • requires public bodies to consider needs of all individuals when shaping policy, delivering services, and in employment;
  • supports good decision-making by encouraging understanding of how people are affected by policies and services;
  • supports making services efficient and effective;
  • covers a wide range of 'protected characteristics' - age, disability, gender re-assignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion/belief, sex and sexual orientation.

Community equality grants

We have some community equality grant (CEG) funding available to help local voluntary and community groups undertake events and activities that will promote equality, diversity, inclusion and community cohesion.

Grants will be awarded to not-for-profit organisations based in Barnsley; or for activities taking place entirely within Barnsley.

You can find more information on CEGs and details of how to apply below.

Providing your feedback 

If you've received a CEG from us we'd like you complete a feedback form on how specifically the grant has supported local voluntary and community groups to undertake events and activities that promote equality, diversity, inclusion and community cohesion.

Please note, we may want to quote your group/organisation and use your feedback and photos to help promote the CEG scheme. You should gain consent to publish photos of the event from the organisers and inform all attendees by a clear notification that photographs will be taken and used for publicity purposes. For more information on how we handle and process personal data please see our privacy notice.

Data protection

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 govern how we handle personal data. 

Why are we collecting your information?

On our community equality grant (CEG) application form most of the information we need relates to your organisation. However, we are often provided with names, email addresses, contact telephone numbers and addresses relating to named individuals who are submitting the form on behalf of the group. We're processing the data under Article 6 of the GDPR. We'll only use the personal data supplied for the means of administering the CEG.

How will we use your information?

The information you provide to us in connection with your CEG application (including any personal contact details) will be held securely electronically. We will only use this information to assess, process and award any community fund grant. For those successful in obtaining an award, we will use information about the project in publicity to promote the CEG but will not share any personal data. If we want to use any photographs showing people at your events we will ensure we gain consent from them at the time in order to use images of them.

Who will we share your information with?

The information may be shared with other council officers and elected members as part of our grant assessment and monitoring process. Your contact details will not be passed on to other third parties. Please note that is subject to the Freedom of Information Act and other legislation.

How long will we keep your information?

The monitoring information required by financial services will be provided as and when requested. All financial records, receipts, etc relating directly to the award will be kept for seven years following any award.

For further information on how we handle and process personal data please see our privacy notice.