Adult social care

We have a wide range of services if you or someone you care for has a physical disability, learning disability or a sensory impairment. This includes supported activities and employment, equipment for your home, and independent travel training. You can find out about our services and help below. You can also find a service on Live Well Barnsley to view even more groups and services.

You might also like to get a social care assessment so we can talk with you about the things that are important in your daily life. We'll then find the best options to help you.

Hearing/vision impairments

Advice if you have a sight or hearing impairment, including specialist equipment to help with daily tasks and communication.

Learning disability supported activities

Services and opportunities for adults with learning disabilities, to help improve skills and abilities to be as independent as possible.

Supported employment and volunteering

If you're disabled we can help you into employment where you can earn equitable wages and other benefits.

Assistive living technology

Technology to help you live independently at home, including telecare alarms, remote monitors and sensors.

Equipment and adaptations

Equipment or adaptations to your home that can improve your life and help you remain independent.

Disabled Facilities Grants

Grants that can be used for adaptations if you have a disability, to support independent living and help you stay in your own home.

Shared lives

Shared lives is where a carer opens up their home and family lives to include a young person or adult who needs extra support to live well.

Blue Badges

If you have a severe permanent disability, or a hidden disability such as autism or anxiety, a Blue Badge lets you park in disabled parking bays closer to the place you’re going.

Independent travel training

Help to develop the skills you need to travel independently and safely, including on public transport.

Help to put your bins out

If you have a disability or medical condition that prevents you putting your bins out, you can apply for an assisted collection.

Safe places

The safe places scheme is for anyone who might feel vulnerable when they’re out and about, to enable you to get help if you feel unsafe.

Changing Places

Changing Places meet the needs of people with a disability who may need extra equipment or space to use the toilet safely and comfortably.

Find services for people with a disability

The Live Well Barnsley directory includes a range of local services that can help support people with a disability or sensory impairment.

Find a service on Live Well Barnsley